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The Giant Cream Puff

August 18th, 2007 Posted in Food is good

I just had some of the best food EVER this afternoon, I am not kidding. The wife and I went to lunch with a friend of ours from work who had suggested we eat at a place in German Village she knows about called Schmidt’s.  I had never heard of it because I never get around German Village all that often since I am on the other side of town, and now I am ashamed of myself for not going over there more.


They have absolutely the best German food I have ever tried.   I have been to Germany and Austria so it’s not like I haven’t had any from the source and if you like polka music you can go over on Thursdays and enjoy the music with your food.

The restaurant has been in the family since it opened in 1886 and they make all their own sausages and deserts there (a lot of places will order their deserts from a desert company I found out). 

The creampuff that the wife and I shared was at least half a pound, I swear it’s true.  It was so good we ordered a second one and brought it home for later – it’s in the fridge now and it’s taking all of my iron will to leave it there. 

OK, so this is a ‘guess what happened today’ post, but their food was SOOOOOO good I had to write about it.  And even better, they have a website that you can use to order your food for delivery!!!

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