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The Weaker Sex

August 23rd, 2007 Posted in ramblings

I read over on Another Day in the Antz Farm there was a study done recently that suggested that women are tougher than men.  To that I just have to say “duh!” Of course they are tougher; they give BIRTH for Christ’s sake!! 

If you were to try to make men have children there would never be any need to worry about over population.  After the first kid, every man in the world would swear off sex and probably even alcohol just so he can’t get drunk and mistakenly have sex. Seriously, we men are big babies when it comes to pain. 

If we get hurt we’ll sit there and say “Oh, it’s just a scratch” but what we really want is the girlfriend/wife/significant other to say “Oh, you poor baby” and then bring us a beer.  We like that kind of stuff.  That’s why we play contact sports, so we can get hurt and have beer brought to us.

Also, can you imagine how much trouble would be caused if men were the child bearers??  The entire range of professional sports would be thrown into chaos:

“Well, the Colts looked like they were on their way for a great year but with Peyton announcing that he is pregnant he’s going to be out for the rest of the season.  Tough break for the Colts.”

“That’s right Chris, but he has a really nice glow about him.”

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