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Tuesday is M-Day

August 26th, 2007 Posted in moving, webstuff

I’m busy packing stuff up today and we are loading up the truck on Monday so I will leave you with these articles and once we are moved and settled I will be back and tell you all about how we couldn’t get a trailer from U-haul after all (they said our Saturn couldn’t handle it), the last day at work, and all about the trip – including pictures.

This is better than Gringott’s – OK, not really, but still pretty cool.

Hunting Osama – Newsweek actually has a decent article on why we aren’t making faster progress and why bureaucrats shouldn’t be running a war. I actually saw this over on LGF first.

Neocon thugs?? – ACE is throwing down on some dishonest reporting.

Vic Deserves more time in Jail – He may get 12-18 months and then he will probably out in what, 6 months??

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