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Amazingly cool

February 15th, 2008 Posted in cool science

Scientists have created a skin that can mimic real skin and sense hot and cold!!  Freaking amazing, but is such a great thing for people who need artificical limbs due to accident, birth or combat.

A new kind of artificial skin made from thin layers of polymers and carbon nanotubes could soon give patients and robots alike the sensation of hot, cold, and pressure.

They are also working on how to power it with a very small power source so it will all be self contained.

Thank god for our scientists and the freedom that we have here which allows this kind of research and discoveries.  I am in awe of the intelegence that these people have and the ability to bring this kind of idea to reality.  People sometimes look at my wife’s work or mine and say things like “Wow, you are so tallented!”  but these men and women who are doing this are the real talents we should be in awe of.

Now, once they have the arm perfected and everything, I wonder if they will integrated a cell phone into it, and maybe a hard drive as well – or maybe a Gameboy or PSP.   You know someone would want that, so don’t give me that look!

2 Responses to “Amazingly cool”

  1. Jennifer (aka MeezerMama) Says:

    Maybe if they became a licensed Wenger product. then we’d even get toothpicks and tweezers.

  2. Instinct Says:

    Maybe a power screwdriver in one of the fingertips 😀

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