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United We Stand

February 16th, 2008 Posted in ramblings

I don’t like being threatened.  I especially don’t like being told that if I do something that is totally leagal I will be killed because it is an “Insult to Islam” by the so called ‘religion of peace’.   Well, I say screw them. 

In support of the Danish cartoonists who stood up to these terrorists with their art and with the arrest of five terrorists who are accused of plotting to kill Kurt Westergaard Michelle Malkin has asked us bloggers to do what our own newspapers won’t – show solidarity by re-publishing our favorite one of the cartoons on our site


I will not be intimidated by terrorist who attempt to use fear to silence our opposition to them.

I will not submit to a radical movement that considers it right to kill a daughter, wife or sister for “honor”.

I will not bow down before a group that would attempt to control what I do, what I say, and what I think by killing innocents with car bombs and use mentally handicapped people to move their sick agenda forward.

While we are told constantly that we must “respect Islam” and “respect their customs” all it seems we hear out of their side is “Death to the infidels” or “Death to those who insult Islam” or any number of other things they seem to get enraged about, including teddy bears or movies

I am not afraid and I will not submit.

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