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Diabetic Kitty

April 24th, 2008 | 4 Comments | Posted in Furballs

Yes, I found out today that my cat Quazo is diabetic.  I knew she wasn’t feeling well because she hadn’t been acting like her normal self.  She has been sleeping right next to the water bowl and drinking a ton of water over the last week or so and I only recently noticed that because we were always on the run to school or work and then with homework you just don’t pay as much attention as you think you do.

Initially I thought she was sleeping there to be next to me because she does that, she’ll curl up on the back of my chair and lay against my neck, or will sleep next to the keyboard so that I can reach over and scratch her head whenever she wants (which she usually lets me know by grabbing my hand and pulling it onto her head).  I could tell that she just wasn’t herself and her coat started looking dull so I called the vet on Monday and made an appointment for today. 

So, this morning I dragged out her crate and put it together figuring that I was going to have to chase her around the apartment and then wrestle her into the crate for her appointment.  To my surprise, as soon as it was together she walked right into it, laid down and looked at me like “Well, let’s go”.

Once we were at the vet they confirmed what I secretly had feared, she has diabetes.  The good thing is that with a change in diet and insulin she will be able to get back to her normal self in no time, also the Vet said that it is possible that after she has been on insulin for a while that her pancreas will start producing insulin on it’s own again.

She was really good at the vet too, they had to take blood and urine and she didn’t complain once.  Now, she is resting on ‘her chair’ right next to me and hopefully with regular shots over the next week or so she’ll start coming back to her normal self.


So, now I am going to be giving her shots twice a day for as long as she needs it.  The only bummer is the fact that her insulin costs $95 bucks for a bottle that may last about 2 months, but it’s what needs to be done so I’ll do it.

So very cool

April 24th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in cool science, Support the Troops

I really would love to have one of these

The Gryphon attack glider, designed to penetrate combat zones at 135 miles per hour, could revolutionize the art of parachuting. It has got to be at the top of James Bond’s Christmas list this year.

I love this.