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First days

April 26th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in work is good

Well, yesterday was our first day at the new store and it is NICE!!  The register counter is marble, the coffee shop upstairs has a covered, outdoor balcony seating area, and the bathrooms are seriously awesome.  This is one of the nicest stores I have ever been in.

Plus, we are going to have all kinds of new stuff in the store because ours is a new ‘concept’ store.  We have a spot where you can mix and burn your own CD’s; we have a place where you can publish your own book; we even have a spot in the travel section where you can go ahead and book your airline tickets.

The day was pretty much a meet and greet kind of thing and a store tour, but today the real work started.  We got the books in – two 18-wheelers with almost 90 pallets of books.   In case you can’t picture it, these trucks were PACKED with boxes upon boxes of books.  Ten hours and about 20-some pizzas later and we have all the books in their new home and waiting to be put up on the shelves.

On one of our breaks the wife and I decided to run right across the street to Walgreen’s and get a soda.  As we left the store we had two vans pull up because they saw us walking out and thought we were open, they sounded so happy about it that I felt bad telling them it was going to be three more weeks before our doors open.  I think our opening day will be a madhouse, but probably a lot of fun too.

The next three weeks for us are going to probably be a whirlwind of work and school.  The store opens and school ends on the same day, and with unlimited hours at work, and lots of homework to do I am wondering how much sleep I will really get.  The wife is going to be doing the same thing, so we are both thinking that it’s going to take some major coordination to take care of our new diabetic cat, do homework/housework, and earn as much money as we can while it is available.

Everything is happening at once it seems, but I guess that’s OK because work is good.