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Let’s try airdropping BRATZ and see what happens

April 29th, 2008 Posted in ramblings, Support the Troops

Finally, an Achelles’ heel for us to exploit 

A top Iranian judiciary official warned Monday against the “destructive” cultural and social consequences of importing Barbie dolls and other Western toys.

In the latest salvo in a more than decade-old government campaign against Barbie, Prosecutor General Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi said in an official letter to Vice President Parviz Davoudi that the doll and other Western toys are a “danger” that need to be stopped.

Sweeet, so all we really have to do is start smuggling Barbie, GI Joes, BRATZ and maybe a bunch of Tickle Me Elmo’s in to bring their whole system down. Course, we shouldn’t stop with just those toys. No, no, no, we should expose them to all the wonderful toys that have helped shape our western civilization. We need to send them He-Man and Skeletor so they can see what the S&M crowd is into (let’s face it, Skeletor is a leather boy) and we should also send them every piece of Power Rangers crap on the market so their kids will start jumping around and thinking they are the next Red Power Ranger – they deserve it, you know they do.

I even know how we can sneak the dolls in, we just need to redirect the drug dealers in Mexico to shipping toys to Iran instead of drugs up here. Presto! Our borders would be secure and one of our biggest enemies would be surrounded by five year olds SCREAMING for the next Elmo incarnation at the top of their little lungs. They deserve every moment of it too.

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