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Army of Dog has it right (as usual)

May 9th, 2008 | 5 Comments | Posted in California, Cowards, wimps

I was considering writing about the shithead Code: Pinkos (AKA – the lesbian commies) and their bullshit protest in Berzerkly over the Marine recruiting station there, but Brett over at Army of Dog not only beat me to it but he also said everything I could ever think of to say about it.

Zanne and her Code Pink friends like to travel around trying to bring “peace” by protesting anything that even looks like it might be able to protect American interests in a time of crisis.  Their success, to be kind, has been limited.  I have a humble suggestion for the crones of Code Pink.  Why don’t you pack up your shit and go cast spells and do rituals to end war in the front yards of the people who actually start this shit?  Seriously, get the kids, tell your life partner to take off a few weeks from work, get in the truck, and head on over to Gaza, Mosul, Tehran, or Beirut and cast spells on the jihadi assholes who are, as we speak, training kids to hate Jews and kill Americans.  Maybe then your dumb, shriveled ass could have some chance of ending the need for the best and brightest of American society to travel over there and get shot at.

And also

Let’s get one thing fucking straight, you crusty nutjob, if the goddamn Japanese Army couldn’t run the Marines off of Iwo-fucking-Jima, your gang of shriveled shrews not going to run them out of Berkely-goddamn-California.  I can’t speak for the mental state of every Marine in that office obviously, but I will bet every damn dime I have to my name that not one of them is fucking scared of you.

No, I don’t think there is one Marine alive or dead that would be scared of these psycho harpies, if anything the only reason the Marines are avoiding them is because they didn’t want to start laughing in these idiots faces.

My dad told me something long ago that is very true here:  “If it weren’t for all the stupid people out here, the rest of us wouldn’t look so smart”

Standing next to these wackos, I would look like Albert Einstein

News from the WTF headlines

May 9th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in People are Stupid, WTF

Heroes save a woman’s life in Walgreens using OJ, sugar and a glucometer… Store manager then demands payment

A woman went into a potentially fatal diabetic coma while in line at a New York-area Walgreens. Two nurses and an off duty sheriff’s officer happened to be in line. They grab a carton of OJ, some sugar, and a glucometer and manage to raise her blood sugar a little bit. According to their reports, after the paramedics took the patient away, the Walgreens manager came out to demand that the merchandise be paid for, otherwise it’s shoplifting. Good thing they were there, otherwise he might have tried to fine the diabetic for blocking the checkout line.

What kind of a stupid ass would do something like that?  I am fairly sure there are quite a few ways that he could have written the items off of his stock and not had to mark it off as shoplifting.

People like this manager are everything that is wrong with the world.  So involved in their little petty situations that they can’t even do one nice thing for a person because it would be the right thing to do. 

here’s a clue for you buddy, when someone is dying you should try to NOT let them die instead of worrying about some fucking orange juice and a glucometer.  Try next time to not be such a waste of human sperm that you remember that!   I sure as hell hope that if your ass is ever on the ground dying and someone could save you with some OJ that they don’t say “No, I can’t because I’ll get charged with shoplifting.”