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Christ on a pogo stick!

June 3rd, 2008 Posted in People are Stupid, wimps, WTF

Now, I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging recently and when I find something interesting I can usually guarantee that either Rachel or Jennifer have covered it already, and this is no exception but I’m jumping in the pool anyway.

Someone please explain to me how a 100% racist asshole like Michael Pfleger became a Catholic priest in the first place??  I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a whole heck of a lot of difference in the church I learned about and the kind of church that he is obviously use to.

“Well, don’t hold me responsible (gesticulating) for what my ancestors did. But you have enjoyed the benefits of what your ancestors did and unless you are ready to give up the benefits (voice rising), throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund, throw away all the money you put into the company you WALKED INTO BECAUSE YO’ DADDY AND YO’ GRANDDADDY AND YO’ GREATGRANDDADDY–(screaming at the top of his lungs)–UNLESS YOU’RE WILLING TO GIVE UP THE BENEFITS, THEN YOU MUST BE REPSONSIBLE FOR WHAT WAS DONE IN YOUR GENERATION ‘CUZ YOU ARE THE BENEFICIARY OF THIS INSURANCE POLICY!

Insurance policy?  What the hell is he smoking?  My ancestors fought in the civil war, I lost ancestors who fought to free the slaves.  So according to this 100% fucktard that apparently isn’t enough.  It’s not enough that members of my family died fighting for freedom for the slaves?  Then tell me what more we are supposed to give because they already gave their lives.  I thought Christ washed away all sins?  Guess it’s only the sins that aren’t part of some political agenda.

Oh, but we should also be begging for forgivness too.  We should prostrate ourselves on the ground and BEG so that we will truly atone for all the past wrongs.  Fuck that.  I don’t have a trust fund, or a 401k.  I’ve had to pay for college on my own because I’m not a minority and I’m not offered scholarships because my skin color is the wrong one for their demographic.

What about you FATHER (and I use that tern sarcastically) what have YOU done, what have your ancestors done?  Do tell because I am going to bet that you are a heck of a lot more well off than I am.


Yea, this is great for a priest to be spewing this kind of crap out.  So much for the love of Christ.

Then, there is also this from Fox News

The Reverend Michael Pfleger, who has been temporarily removed from his duties as pastor at Saint Sabina Church in Chicago, has a simple explanation for how his anti-Hillary Clinton rant at Barack Obama’s former church ended up YouTube phenomenon: He didn’t know the cameras were rolling.

The Catholic priest tells the Chicago Sun-Times he did not realize Trinity United’s Web service was up and running.

He says, “Their live streaming had been down all day, and they didn’t know whether it was back up… I regret the dramatization that I was naive enough to believe was just going to be kept among that church.”

“This is a dangerous time in America, the freest country in the world where you have to whisper your thoughts.”

Yes, such a dangerous time.  You say something out loud and people can hear it.  So hard to maintain a hate filled tirade when people can watch and blow your cover and show you the way you really are – vile, ugly, hateful and bitter.

The only time I have known people to be afraid to have their thoughts known is when they are trying to hide something.  In this case he was trying to hide what he is really like – and he failed.

We wonder why there is a racial divide in America?  Well, I can guess that this kind of stuff isn’t helping heal any wounds on either side.

One Response to “Christ on a pogo stick!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Amen to that, brother! I’m really tired of all the neo-racism going on. Dr. Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave right now over these people trying their hardest to widen the divide between them and the whites. For that matter, why is this always a “black and white” issue? What happened to the yellow, red, etc.’s? I, as a human being, am ashamed at this asshole’s actions and words.

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