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The Insanity of Political Correctness

July 7th, 2008 Posted in People are Stupid, WTF

It is bad enough that as adults we have to deal with political correctness run amok in our politics, businesses, news and even trying to invade our homes, but this to me has got to be the final straw in my tolerance of these fools and their witch hunt to force everyone to think and act the way that they do.

In Great Britain a new government study is saying that children as young as three need to be watched to make sure they aren’t racists.

Toddlers should be taught about racism and singled out for criticism if they have racist attitudes, a Government-funded advisory group said yesterday.

It told nursery teachers, playgroup leaders and childminders to record and report every racist incident involving children as young as three.

These could include saying ‘Yuk’ about unfamiliar food.

Even babies should not be ignored in the hunt for racism because they can ‘recognise different people in their lives’, a new guide for nurseries and child care centres said. 

How dare they not like one kind of food, but enjoy another!

So, even babies can be racist. We need to stamp this out immediately, how dare children develop along natural lines and begin recognizing things that are different than what they are familiar with. We should teach them that everything is wonderful no matter what and how dare they be cautious if confronted with something new that they do not understand.

The new 366-page guide, Young Children and Racial Justice, warned that ‘racist incidents among children in early years settings-tend to be around name-calling-casual thoughtless comments, and peer group relationships’.

Yes, this is true. I am sure there is not one person who was growing up that was not part of one peer group or another and I am equally sure that there was some name calling that has happened with everyone at least one time or another. This is part of growing up and part of the natural growth of a person – learning to fit in and be part of a group, something that anyone taking a basic sociology class would learn about.

There is not one culture in the world that does not start out by identifying self and other. This gives a feeling of security and belonging, once that is established then the individual can reach out further and explore things that are not part of the known. But from this it seems that they don’t even want children to have that familiarity of self, they are expected to embrace everything at once and thus absorb nothing and be part of nothing.

A boy of ten has already been taken to court for calling a mixed race 11-year-old ‘Paki’ and ‘Bin Laden’ in a school playground argument.

The pair subsequently made up and became friends again, yet the Crown Prosecution Service decided to go ahead because the victim’s mother made a complaint.

That’s great, let’s also make playground arguments criminal offenses and throw an 11-year-old kid in jail for being rude. Is this their idea of a hate crime now? Name calling? Good Lord, bring on the thought police because that is the next step in this hit parade.

I recommend that everyone pull their heads out of their asses and start using some common sense. The liberals who long ago decided that ‘manners are for those who didn’t know any better’ are now attempting to force their version of public conduct down our throats. It is not manners that they want us to learn though, it is submission. They do not care about someone being offended; they care about controlling what we think, how we think it, and how we act on it.

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  1. Michael Says:


    I’m glad we all have the right to never be offended! Apparently, they think the kids should all skip on the playground, holding hands, and shitting rainbows?

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