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Obamas’s ass is showing

July 9th, 2008 Posted in B Hussein, wimps, WTF

The amazing thing about the Obamassiah’s campaign is that he says some of the stupidest things and yet the MSM just lets it all go by because he is so full of hope and change.

First, According to the Obamassiah, we have 57 states.  Then he throws so many people who were “Good friends” off the bus and claims that they “weren’t the people he knew”, and now Obama is saying that we shouldn’t worry about the immigrants learning English, instead we should learn Spanish.

Thanks for that bit of advice Barack.  Should we learn Spanish because you are going to give our country away to the illegals or is it because of you undying love for that piece of crap Che Guevara?

This country was founded on the English language and that should be our OFFICIAL language.  We should not have ballots written in Spanish, Japanese, Korean or any other language.  We should conduct government business in ENGLISH.  Our kids should learn English in our schools, and I shouldn’t have to ‘Press 1 for English’.

Should our kids learn a foreign language?  Sure, but we shouldn’t have to learn one just so we can function in our own country.  Anyone who doesn’t think this man is the greatest fool since Jimmy Carter obviously hasn’t really been listening to what he is saying

Oh, and then there is this over at Michelle Malkin, La Raza probably loves Obama even more than McCain.


There is also this over at American Thinker about the depth of understanding that Obama has about being President

One Response to “Obamas’s ass is showing”

  1. Michael Says:

    Instinct, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to him because he doesn’t speak English all that well. He would make the most language-challenged president since… …well… …GWB. –just without the spine or integrity.

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