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Do as I say, not as I do

July 17th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Libtards

Jessie Jackson has show to me what is the perfect example of Liberals in action, the ‘Do as I say, not as I do” mentality. With his statements that were caught on tape about wanting to “cut Obama’s nuts off” and now his use of the dreaded n-word (we white people aren’t allowed to even type it out because that would be offensive) just goes to add more evidence to the mountain sized pile that Liberals don’t actually believe any of the crap that they talk about. Jackson talks about ‘respect’ and how the use of that particular word is hurtful to the black community and then he goes and says it about the Democratic candidate for president. That doesn’t sound like respect to me, but then again I’m a conservative.

This isn’t an aberration from the norm either, this is the norm. Liberals in general think that the rules really don’t apply to them because they are above such concerns. William Jefferson is a nice example of that; he accepts $900,000 in bribes and what has happened to him as punishment under the Democrat controlled Congress? Well, the House ethics committee started an investigation into it, but that appears to have gone nowhere. There was the short lived movement to force him to resign, but that died as well and also the FBI investigation into his bribes doesn’t seem to be moving very fast either because the story broke over a year ago and he is still in office doing business as usual. If it had been a Republican he would have been thrown out, prosecuted and would be doing jail time at this point.

In Washington DC the handgun ban was slapped down by the Supreme Court but have they complied with the courts decision, no.  Because they are a Democrat controlled government and feel that they are above those rules.  If it had been the opposite direction and the Supreme Court had struck down a concealed weapons law you would hear Liberals screaming to the heavens about they should all be thrown in jail for not complying with the court. 

I have a friend who is a Democrat and a very ‘party line’ Democrat at that. We were speaking one time and he brought up the “Bush lied” argument about why he should be impeached. I responded by saying “Well, Clinton lied and you were pissed that he was impeached for it even though he did it under oath. That’s called perjury in most places”. It eventually boiled down to him saying that he really didn’t care if someone lied under oath, cheated on their spouse or broke the law as long as that person was doing what he wanted them to, and since Bush wasn’t doing what he wanted Bush to do then Bush should be impeached. Do as I say….

I could go on and on with other examples, Operation: Code Pink attacking counter protesters at their “Peace Rally” – yea, riots are so peaceful. Obama trying to say his wife is ‘off limits’ while he has her out stumping for him, and a whole lot more just from this year but I think the point is clear; the moral bankruptcy on the left seems so complete to me that they cannot even SEE the fact that they are completely and totally disconnected from any sort of moral code. To them, whatever they do is right simply because they are the ones who did it.

I’m no mental health expert, but the term NARCICISTIC comes to mind very quickly and yet these are the ones who are out there screaming the loudest about respect, dignity and (my very personal favorite) fairness. So it’s nice to see now that the curtains have been lifted a little bit on what really goes on behind the scenes in the party of diversity. It’s certainly not the hug-fest they would like everyone to think it is, in fact I will bet that if you DID get a hug from one of these people you would probably come away with a knife in your back.