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Talking to moonbats

September 13th, 2008 | 4 Comments | Posted in Libtards, webstuff

Now this is what I call progress.  You can now practice how you would talk with a liberal in the privacy of your own home WITHOUT really having to talk to one.  The Autorant Virtual Moonbat gives you all the language of talking with a moonbat without the spittle flying in your face or the bad personal hygiene. It’s amazing!

I found this originally over at Enough but here’s the link so you can get one of your own.  You can either have the original, or new sidebar version.  I chose the new sidebar version.  That’s another thing, normally moonbats can’t stand not being the center of attention, but the Virtual Moonbat keeps it’s trap shut until you actually want it to say something.

Thanks again Sean  😀

*my name is Instinct and I approve of this message*