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So Say We All!

September 23rd, 2008 Posted in Cowards, wimps

I’m going to direct you to two articles that resonate profoundly with me, from two of the smartest people who’s works I have read out here on the Interwebs.

First up is Bill Whittle and “The Undefended City” 


Go and read, they put my feelings into words much better than I can. It doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying though.  :)

4 Responses to “So Say We All!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Whew! I understand why you linked recommended reading rather than writing it up on your own. I’ve told Jen that we will be buying an AR-15 if and when we find out that Obama is going to be our next president. If he and Joe get their way, they won’t be available for public consumption afterwards. Maybe that’s why the libs are so anti-gun. Maybe what bothers them is the ability of the people to have the power to fight and prove their hopelessness wrong.

  2. Instinct Says:

    Yea. You should order Bill Whittle’s book. Well written, well thought out and a great read.

    You can find it on his site, I have him in my sidebar

  3. Michael Says:

    Say, you can’t get one of these eeeeeeevvvviiiiillll black guns there in Kalifornia, can you? Pity that. When I have my own assault rifle, I sure hope I don’t uncontrollably go on a murderous spree like the libs say I will…

  4. Adrian Clemson Says:

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