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WTF Great Britian style

October 14th, 2008 | 4 Comments | Posted in WTF

It’s been a while since I had a pure WTF story, and so here it is

A judge allowed a mother who had sex with a 14-year-old boy to walk free, saying that the boy seduced her.

Sharon Edwards, 40, walked away from Teeside Crown Court after the judge ruled that she had been flattered by the boy’s attention as a result of feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage and had let herself be seduced by him.

If the situation had been reversed and it had been a 40 year old man who was ‘seduced’ by a 14 year old girl do you think the judge would have been saying “Oh, gee, it’s so understandable why this happened..”

Yea, doubt it.

And she asked the kid to buy her coke, too and they still just let her walk out the door and go home.  Oh, she’s on probation and has to register as a sex offender for five years, but hell if that’s all the punishment she will get if she re-offends then I don’t think she will be too scared about it.

Judge Peter Fox QC told her: “You have been a very unhappy lady for a very considerable period of time when this 14-year-old boy seduced you and not you him both so far as sexual matters and as far as drugs are concerned.”

He added that Mrs Edwards did have a responsibility as an adult to reject the boy’s advances but said that he regarded the case as an exceptional one.

Yea, but she’s the ADULT and is supposed to know better and have at least enough control over herself to resist the advances of a boy that her sons go to school with.

Seriously, have the British just completely gone and thrown all common sense into the Atlantic?  First we have the authorities telling a man to remove the barbed wire he had protecting his garden because a crook might get hurt climbing over it!

They have shiara law as an acceptable practice, you know – the laws that look at women as property and honor killings as justified.  Sure, they only have jurisdiction over ‘civil’ cases but why do they have it at all?!

And finally, we have the story about how clearing the brush out of a public park is discriminatory against gays that want to have sex there.

The fact is that Rachel Lucas has it totally right – the once Great Britain has surrendered. They’ve sold off their spines and their testicles and the final remnants of our once strong ally will soon sink into the North Atlantic and all we will have to remember them by is Guinness, Fish and Chips, and that asshole Bono.

Well, I guess two out of three ain’t bad.

Damn it