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I am Joe!

October 17th, 2008 Posted in Libtards

I have never been a big fan of politics, but I have always been proud of being an American.

I was taught in school that the government is supposed to work for the people; we are not supposed to be slaves to it.

I was taught that the press was the light that is shined on the government to help protect the people; not the propaganda arm that tells us what we should think.

But in over time, that seems to have been what has happened. I have watched in disbelief as the press has become more and more biased in its reporting and the government has become more and more oppressive of the peoples basic desires, the press has gone out of its way to destroy anyone who disagrees with what they have decided should be the truth, and one political party has adopted the lies, fraud and deceit that they try and pin on their opponents.

Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher was in HIS yard, minding HIS OWN business when Obama decided to stroll through and do a 30 second bite to drum up support. Unfortunately for Obama he stopped at Joe’s house and Joe asked a question that exposed Obama’s tax plans as the socialist ideas that they are. Joe asked “Are you going to raise my taxes?” and the response from the anointed one was “Yes”.

What happened next? The press goes and digs into every aspect of Joe’s life. We now know about his taxes, his divorce, how much he earned, how he registered to vote, and that he doesn’t have a plumber’s license in Ohio – WHICH HE DOESN’T NEED FOR RESIDENTIAL WORK! The City of Toledo is digging into his life looking for his paperwork; The Lefty blogs are trying to link him to Charles Keating, and the overall suggestion that this was a Republican plant and divert attention away from the point which is OBAMA SAID HE WILL RAISE TAXES.

And for those who say “Well it’s only on the rich” I say to you this: Who the hell decided that because you worked hard and became successful that the government has the right to take that away?  Anyone in this country can get a job, work hard and move up.  If you are waiting for the government to give you some money, then join the military – they will give you money, clothing, training, and a place to live.

This is the tactics of the left. No questioning of what they want to do. If you question you will be destroyed. It doesn’t matter if the question is legitimate, it doesn’t matter if the question applies to your personal situation, and you will NOT ask questions that are not approved of by the left.

For all that I hear the liberals out here screaming about how “Bush has taken away all of our rights” all I see is that it is the left that is trying to suppress our rights. They want to suppress our freedom of speech through intimidation tactics and threats of legal action. The want to suppress our right to a representative government through voter fraud, and they want to suppress our pursuit of happiness by “spreading the wealth around” so that any success you will achieve will be given to someone else.

If this is the change that Obama and the left want, then I think I would rather stay the course.

I am Joe!

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4 Responses to “I am Joe!”

  1. Michael Says:

    OK. I’ll go. I am Joe.

  2. gatakitty Says:

    Would anyone object if I am Jo (feminine version)?


  3. Instinct Says:

    Oh…. yea, guess I will have to do that too.

  4. palinisgr8 Says:

    The “I am Joe” commentary absolutely & eloquently reflects what America should be about about and the subsequent responses were not only intelligent but refreshingly free of the usual anti McCain/Palin venom. Thank you all!
    Personally, the most disconcerting aspect of this entire political landscape is the blantant media bias in favor of Obama- much of it through deliberate omission of facts. He links our troubles on Bush party politics when in reality, it was a democratic congress who caused our current woes. And how did potentially illegal foreign campaign contributions not draw some notice? Instead they harass a single Dad & veteran with a tax lien as headlines? The demos are masters in distractions!
    Then it dawned on me- he is clearly the love child of an adoring leftist media enthralled by his silver tongued, talking head skills and the dubiously ethical Chicago political machine.
    The simple fact JTP was repeatedly attacked by the media ( Obama’s willing attack dogs) reflects the historical responses of Chicago’s threatening politics- of which Obama is reportedly a product.
    If Obama was truly for the average lower 95% ( tee hee) he would tell the media to knock it off and stop bugging Joe, a guy who gets no campaine contributions. Instead- he uses the endless slams for his benefit. Would a Obama presidency continue to promote such underhanded censorship? I may respect his considerable skills, but certainly not his sense of fairness.

    I have heard that kind of flowing, glowing speech in graduate classes- professors are trained to motivate, but I would rather have him as a professor than a president.

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