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God Bless you, Specialist Stephen Fortunato

October 18th, 2008 Posted in Support the Troops

Michelle Malkin posts the last blog entry by Specialist Fortunato.  After posting this he was kill last Tuesday when hit vehicle was blown apart by an IED.

It’s worth reading, and remembering.  Here is a brief part of it:

I am a proud American. i believe that my country allows me to live my life more or less however i want to, and believe me, i have seen what the alternative of that looks like. i also believe that our big scary government does way more than it has to to help complete [expletive deleted]-ups get back on their feet, a stark comparison to places where leaders just line their own pockets with gold while allowing the people who gave them their power and privilage to starve. I have chosen my corner. I back my country, and am proud to defend it against aggressors.

God bless you, and bless your family in their time of pain.

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