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October 23rd, 2008 Posted in webstuff

My friend Jennifer tagged me with this internet thing, and since she is my friend I guess I will go ahead and do it even though I don’t have seven people to send it on to (she already got everyone I know).

1 – I was trained in police driving tactic by California Highway Patrol. We took an old decommissioned cruiser with bald tires out onto a mud field to learn about controlling a vehicles slide in less than ideal conditions. My instructor was about a foot taller than me and when he decided I wasn’t driving fast enough in the mud, he reached over with his foot and mashed mine down on the accelerator, you learn quickly that way.

2 – I broke my wrist during a fight in a Hong Kong bar; on the plus side I also broke the other guy’s jaw. Technically I didn’t start that fight.

3 – By the time I was 17 my dad had taught me how to fight, throw a knife, use a bullwhip, and shoot a pistol, rifle and shotgun

4 – I’ve been stabbed in the hand and had my arm slashed with a broken beer bottle. (No, they are not related to the bar fight above)

5 – My appendix ruptured and I didn’t notice it. I ended up going into the emergency room because it was a Sunday and the clinics weren’t open. The reason I went in? I had a slight pain in my right side that felt like a pulled muscle and it had been like that for almost a week. The ER stuck me inside an MRI after deciding that “We aren’t going to screw around with this all night” and that’s when I discovered it was ruptured.

According to the ER doc I should have been howling in pain instead of sitting there calmly saying “It really doesn’t hurt that much. Are you sure it’s ruptured?”

6 – I make a mean cheesecake as well as an awesome marinara sauce even though I am not a professional culinary 😉

7 – I have a Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver, I keep it in my 1942 gas mask bag that I haul my school stuff around in. It’s a geek thing, trust me.

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