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The Fourth of November

November 4th, 2008 | 3 Comments | Posted in History

Today is the day. Election Day, a time when all citizens have the right and obligation to go and vote for the direction that we want this country to go, and who we want to lead.

My wife and I have done our ballots and cast our lots. I won’t be home tonight to see the results, nor will I be at McCain headquarters here. Nope, I’ll be at work which kind of sucks but since I have to pay my taxes to support the 40% in this country that don’t pay any, it what has to be done. Besides, according to Joe “I’m not a plumber” Biden it’s patriotic to pay more in taxes, so if Obama wins you can bet we will all be very patriotic, indeed.

The saddest part about today is how many people I know at work who are voting and when I ask them what their reasons are for picking Obama the response is almost always “Well, he sounds really good.” Or “McCain is old and Obama is hip.” Then, when I start asking them probing questions about things like Obama’s fund raising, or his connection to socialist causes the response is the same as well “Gee, I never heard about that, are you sure it’s true?”

But my favorite reason that people give me for voting for Obama is “Well, he’s going to take all that money away from the rich.”

When I ask why they are so jealous and envious that someone has more money than they do it’s always the same “Well, it’s not FAIR.”

“Well, how bout you work hard and get a good job and you can become rich too. Just save your money up and invest it wisely.”

That always gets a look like I grew a third eye. “That would take YEARS!!!”

So, it comes down to this, those of us that think that hard work should pay off in the end and not be punished for it versus those who think that they shouldn’t have to work for that 55” plasma TV that they want so they can watch American Idol in style.

I’ve chosen my side, and win or lose we’ll go at it again in another four years.