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More pretty pictures

November 7th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in Animation Stuff, Car Stuff, pretty pictures

I’ve been keeping busy with animation stuff for the past few weeks.  The Camaro in the banner above is very close to being done, all that is left is to build out the interior and texture it.

The exterior is done and all that is left is to finish the tires by adding a bump map to simulate the writing on the sidewalls of the tire, and adjusting the texture map to make it look more like nice, shinny rubber.  All in all, I’m pretty happy with it


I even did one for my friend Gatakitty – though I hope to god I will never see this done to a REAL Camaro

Yep, fun with textures and lights.


Oh, and I also did this one too.  I’m planning on doing a junker version of the Camaro for a whole ‘before and after’ animation so I did an old school paintjob to start with as a base.  I need to replace the custom rims with some stock factory ones and remove the air intake from the hood, but it’s a start

It’s over for now

November 7th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in History

Well, B Hussen Obama was elect president and there weren’t any riots in the streets or people being viciously beaten by roving gangs of conservatives. How much you want to bet it would have been a different story if he had lost?

That is the real difference between conservatives and the new liberals. When we lose we accept it, move on, and plan for the next fight. Lefty Liberals don’t; instead they scream, cry, hold protests and demand the courts to step in. A perfect example is Proposition 8, it passed here in California and what has been happening since then? Protests and demands that the court overturn it.

So for the next four years we will have a president that I have heard many liberals compare to Jimmy Carter, this doesn’t fill me with a warm fuzzy feeling. The best one was “He’s a great thinker, just like Carter. He can take all this information in and assimilate it and then he come out with these brilliant ideas.”  Yes, we’ve seen the brilliant ideas Carter came up with, which is why he is the worst president ever.

In the end the United States will survive this, but it shows what happens when an education system fails to teach our youth to think critically about issues; what happens when we have a society that starts to think that they shouldn’t have to work for what they want and instead the government should take care of them, and what happens when the press become more about propaganda than actual information.

In four years I’ll pull the lever again and it will be for Palin, if she decides to run.  I just hope in four years that the Republican party can remember what being conservative is all about.  If they can’t, the I guess I will join Bill Whittle’s Piranha Party.

But here are the real questions I have:

1- Drawings of Bush showing him as a chip were fine, can we do the same with Obama or is that Racist?

2 – Comparing Bush to Hitler was fine, so can we now point to Obama’s policies and call him a socialist or is that Racist?

3 – Making fun of how Bush talks was fine, so can we now make fun of how Obama stammers around when he is off the teleprompter or is that Racist?

4 – Calling Bush ‘Dubya’ seemed to be OK for the left, so can we refer to Obama as Hussein or is that Racist too??

That’s the problem with having a new president, you have to find out what is fine and what isn’t.  All such a bother, really.