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Ode to a Hard Drive

November 21st, 2008 Posted in crappy art, It's all about me

It’s crappy poetry time.

Oh wonderful hard drive
Installed in my case,
250Gb of memory
You have so much space.

Quiet and fast
With 8mb in cache
A seek time so small
That it barely registers at all.

Oh wonderful hard drive
I have programs for you
Maya and zbrush,
Flash and Photoshop too

Digital paintings and models,
Are at our command
We’ll even make web pages
Because you know that we can.

What this? Disk is full??
But I just put you in!!!
Well, newegg has a larger one
And it’s only $110

3 Responses to “Ode to a Hard Drive”

  1. gatakitty Says:

    Not only is your hard drive “quite,” I’ll bet it’s “quiet,” too!

    Or did you do that on purpose to see if I was watching? Better late than never! 😀

  2. Instinct Says:


    English geek!

  3. gatakitty Says:

    Even worse, I came across a kindergarten math lesson which was trying to get the students to identify which group had “less.” No wonder kids have such a hard time with proper usage: in a group of something, one identifies which one has FEWER!!!!!

    Stinkin’ math teachers….

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