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Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 2008 Posted in History, Libtards, Support the Troops

God bless our armed forces who died on that day.

Of course, there are always some assholes who will try and say that Pearl Harbor was our fault:

The high-handed tone of the Hull Note of November 26, demanding Japan’s withdrawal of all its troops from China, was a final blow to the moderates in Japan’s government, who still hoped for diplomatic negotiations. By this time, many policymakers were convinced that the US was not ready to hear them out. It was ultimately in the name of saving Asia for all Asians from what was regarded as western arrogance that the government united to wage war. On December 1, it was decided that the war would commence in six days.

It was the “Hull Ultimatum”, but yes, how dare we demand that Japan stop invading China and massacring it’s people like they did at Nanjing.  We should have said ‘pretty please’ and begged them, because that sure would have been more effective.

And then of course comes my favorite part

With almost 70 years of hindsight, Pearl Harbor should offer some lessons for US foreign policy today. Despite obvious differences between Pearl Harbor and recent Islamist terrorist tactics, they show the common desire of self-proclaimed Davids to topple their Goliaths in a clearly lop-sided battle. These Davids depend on western technologies to overcome imbalances of power, and are driven by a sense of real or imagined humiliation.

Yep, there it is “real or imagined humiliation”.  Doesn’t matter what the reality is, just what their perception of reality is.  Gosh, they think we insulted them by not converting to Islam so gosh golly we better apologize right now.

This the kind of useless jerk who will blame everything on everyone except the person that is actually responsible.  Crime?  It’s the fault of the wealthy for having stuff to steal.  Pearl Harbor, it’s the US fault for taking a stand with an ally;  9-11?  Well of course it’s our fault because of the “imagined humiliation” that those poor terrorist suffered from because we actually exist.

The good thing about the free west is that you can say what you will; the bad thing is that people like this moron actually say stuff at all.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Apparently, with their heads that far up their asses, they don’t notice the taste of foot

  2. Michael Says:

    Nice one, Jen!

  3. Instinct Says:


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