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Toys for boys

December 10th, 2008 Posted in It's all about me, Pass the ammo, Sharp Pointy Things

I’ve started making a list of all the toys I need to save up for and ones that will probably stay on my wish list forever unless I can get certain federal licenses.  Going to be doing a lot of shopping once I graduate and get a real job out in the world.

12′ Kangaroo hide bullwhip – I’ll probably end up making this myself.  It will take some practice at braiding and possibly a number of tries, but considering a good one will cost me over $600 I think I will practice – a lot.

Ghurka Khukri knife – At $42.00 this one I may actually be able to add to the arsenal fairly soon.  Heck, I may get two or three.  It’s a tough knife that throws very, very well and holds a great edge.  How do I know?  Well, I have one already that I got when I was about 18 and it’s still in decent shape, I just want a few more to keep it company.

Pudao – My favorite weapon from my days in Kung Fu.  It may not be practical at all (like say, a bullwhip) but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.  The name means ‘horse cutter’, it was used by Chinese infantry to take out cavalry by cutting the horse out from under the rider.

Colt 1911Government Model .45 ACP – A classic that everyone should own, and besides, it would go well with the Tommy gun down lower on the list.

Sig Sauer P226 – This is for the practical carry.  Good pistol, reasonable price and a 10 round magazine (15 in states that have gun laws that are sane) for 9mm ammo. Would just need my CCP and I would be set.

A Tommy Gun – Yep, they still make them and they are still cool.  Sure, they aren’t as accurate as the newer H&K MP5 sub-machine guns or even the military M4 rifle, but that’s OK because I want either of those two bad boys as well.  Can you guess which items on my list I’ll probably never be able to get??

Side by Side Shotgun – Perfect shotgun for quick defense.  Easy to modify the barrel length if you need to, and not very expensive at all.  Plus, if you are a really bad shot you can do the same trick that John Wayne did in ‘El Dorado’ and cut it down so it’s almost pistol length.  Sure, you won’t have much range, but you sure as heck won’t miss either.  “Ride boldly, ride” indeed.

Pump Shotgun – Now this is the real home defense shotgun.  Nice length for indoor or outdoor encounters and a good feed capacity.  Also, there is no quicker way to get someone to crap themselves than by racking a round into a pump action – that is a sound that has no comparison.

Henry Rifle’s lever action .30-30 –  Because you should always have the option of being able to reach out and touch someone.

And finally the last items I would want to get would be a couple of swords.  I’m a knife geek and I like sharp pointy objects, there is no sin in that.

So, for the sword section of the wish list there are two.  The kind I practiced with in my Gumdo classes and the kind that appeal to my inner Lord of the Rings geek

Zaitoichi sword For the Gumdo geek in me.  A real katana style blade will cost thousands so until I am rich, this one will do. It was what we used in my Gumdo classes and it’s balanced nice and keeps a great edge.  I unfortunately had to sell my last one when I was poorer than I am now.

Ranger sword for the fantasy geek.  Yea, silly, but what the hell.


Due to the fact that I have friends who point out when I forget shit that should have been included, now I have to update the list.  Thank you so very much, Mr. un-named friend!.

Grenades – Now technically I could leave this off because the only kind you can probably purchase out there are smoke grenades.  but lets face it, grenades are the perfect solution to almost any home invader problem you might have.

Ten guys break in downstairs intent on visiting all kinds of criminal violations upon your person.  One grenade over the stair rail and problem is solved (except for redecorating)

As Jayne Cobb said in Serenity as they had a ton of Reevers coming down on them hard “Gee, It’d be nice if we had some GRENADES!”

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