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We all knew this was coming

January 2nd, 2009 Posted in People are Stupid, WTF

More “Climate Change” disinformation

Scientists at the University of Birmingham in Britain claim that greenhouse gases — which are normally associated with global warming — may have caused an ice age 630 million years ago.

The Daily Telegraph reports researchers studied limestone rocks and found that large amounts of greenhouse gas coincided with a period of prolonged freezing.

While pollution in the air is thought to trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere — causing global warming — this new research suggests pollution could have the opposite effect by reflecting the sun’s rays back into space, making the earth’s surface cooler. The lead investigator warns the earth could cool dramatically — perhaps creating another ice age — if greenhouse gases are not kept in check.

Wasn’t it just a few months ago that all we heard was how greenhouse gasses were causing global warming and if we didn’t do something about them the entire world would end up looking like one of the dust bunnies under my bed?  Wasn’t Al Gore telling us back in 2006 about how all these greenhouse gasses were melting polar ice caps, killing polar bears and making our freezers work overtime to keep the ice cream from melting?

Now, these exact same greenhouse gasses will cause an ice age?  WTF?

How bout this – none of these scientists global warming scaremongers who are jumping up and down screaming about how we are going to freeze, bake, or whatever the hell the come up with next, really have any kind of idea what the hell is really going on but since there is a ton of grant money, government money and book deals to be made they are throwing up whatever they think will fly so that they can keep the cash coming in.

Now that the whole global warming scam looks like it’s drying up they need to have a new scare tactic.  2008 has been one of the coolest on record for the last ten years so rather than admitting that the earths temperature goes in cycles just like the sun (which coincidentally has had the lowest period of magnetic activity and sunspots) they instead just change the doom-and-gloom chant so they can keep riding the gravy train.

I wonder how long people are going to keep listening to this crap and swallowing it whole?  I thought we had put this to bed back in the 70’s when they first started crying about ‘global cooling’ and telling us all we were headed for a new ice age. I guess if people are foolish enough to vote for someone they know absolutely nothing about then I guess they will fall for this too.

No wonder those email scams keep working too.

2 Responses to “We all knew this was coming”

  1. Michael Says:

    The biggest flaw in your op/ed is that you referred to these people as ‘scientists.’

  2. Instinct Says:

    Sorry, I’ll correct that

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