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I DO have a say in this

January 23rd, 2009 | 28 Comments | Posted in Abortion

Due to a recent comment on my site about what kind of say I have on abortion, I decided it was time to go ahead, throw caution to the wind and kick the issue of abortion right in the teeth.

Okay and wait…you’re AGAINST abortion rights? Yikes. The other stuff is all in fun, but this…unless you’re a woman, you’ve really got no say in this. Seriously. And if your wife feels differently…well. Wow.

Yep, I and my wife both are against abortion. Deal with it.

As for the argument of “you’ve got no say in this” I’m going to address that from two sides:

1 – Under the stance of since I’m not a woman I can have no say in the abortion discussion then I would submit that no one who hasn’t served in the military can have any say on the war in Iraq. Period. You haven’t been there, you haven’t been under fire, you haven’t served so take whatever ideas and thoughts you have about the war, pack them away and shut the hell up. That’s fair right? How can you have a vested interest if you PERSONALLY have not participated in it?

The ‘you’ve got no say’ is a load of crap and a distraction used to divert attention away from the real topic that not only is Roe vs. Wade the most flawed decision ever made by the US Supreme court since the Dred Scott decision, but also to throw a smoke screen over the fact that abortion is wrong. It’s technically not murder, thanks to judicial fiat, but it is still killing a life for no reason – and killing a life that has done no wrong.

Abortion is taking the life of the most helpless in our society and to say that half of the population can have no say, or should have no say, in something like this is not only wrong, but goes against everything that our society stand for which is that EVERYONE can have a say, and in this case should have a say since it is MY tax money that goes to support organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

2 – Why should men have no say in what happens to their children? Yes, THEIR CHILDREN. You see it took two people to make that child, but the stance of “you have no say” only takes into account the desires of ONE parent.

Now, the logic goes that it is her body, but that only works to a certain point. Let me use an example to demonstrate. Guy and Girl have unprotected sex, she’s not on the pill for whatever reason and she doesn’t make him use a condom – remember it’s HER body right, so it’s HER fault then isn’t it? So, now she is pregnant and decides to have an abortion because, like 95% of the abortions out there, it’s an inconvenience for her and she doesn’t want the punishment (to quote our new leader) of a child. The child is aborted, she goes on her way and the guy goes back to partying.

But what if the father of the child wanted to keep the kid? Too bad. He’s just shit out of luck on that.  It’s not his choice if the child lives or dies.  He wants to be a single father, too bad.

OK, now let’s turn it around. They have sex, she’s pregnant and decides to keep the kid but the dad doesn’t want to. Well, once again for dad, tough shit. He will have to pay child support because, unlike mom, he can’t just abort his parental duties according to the law. So, it may be her body, but it’s our kid, our money and our lives and yet according to my commenter we should have no say in any of it.

So, do you REALLY want equality then fine; give the fathers the right to abort the kid, or at least their parental responsibility, just like the women can but I will still say that abortion is WRONG!

It is wrong because a child is executed for simply being conceived while the left is against executing those people who have murdered, raped and destroyed other people’s lives because to them “killing is wrong”.

Yea, apparently it should be “killing is wrong unless you are killing innocent lives.”

Our country has the loosest abortion laws of the entire western world. We are the only country that allows a woman to go in and kill their unborn child on demand. What kind of society have we created where the miracle that is a child is thrown out like leftovers from last night?

The left wants us to think this is about empowering women, about giving women ‘control of their bodies’ and ignore the fact that because of this so-called ‘empowerment’ 49 MILLION abortions have been performed since 1973 and over 1 million just in 2006-2007.  With contraceptives available literally EVERYWHERE and in multiple types,  it is a shame of our society that this many lives are butchered for convenience.


We destroy our future for the convenience of the now. Welcome to the world of the liberal –terrorists don’t have to kill us, the left is doing that just fine right now.

Do you know Roe

January 23rd, 2009 | 5 Comments | Posted in webstuff

To ‘celebrate’ the 50th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that removed abortion from public discourse and ushered in a judicial fiat that even Roe and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg called flawed, here is the “Do you know Roe” quiz.

Go ahead, see what you really know

Why we love Uncle Ted

January 23rd, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Pass the ammo, webstuff

…and I don’t mean Kennedy