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So what now, Chad?

January 31st, 2009 Posted in ramblings

You know those annoying Altell commercials where cool, hip Chad is always getting one over on all the geeky dorks from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile?

Well since Verizon just bought Alltel I guess the next commercial we’ll see will be Chad being bent over by the Verizon nerd while the nerd is yelling “Who’s the bitch now, Chad!!! Who’s the M***F***ing BITCH!!”

Yea, I know what kind of ‘circle’ Chad’s going to be part of.

On a side note, the wife is now OK with me wanting to get an iPhone. Why did she change her mind you ask?  (You did ask, I heard you) Because now there is an app. that will make your iPhone act like a level for you



As for the reason I’m thinking of an iPhone in the first place, it’s not because I’m sitting around saying “Wow, I’ll be so cool walking around with one of those!!”  In fact, I really don’t like Apple stuff to begin with.  The reason I’m thinking of one is because I can put my demo reel on it and then when someone says “I’d like to see your stuff” I can say “Gee, it’s right here” and have a good size screen to show it on.

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