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I’m the God Damn Batman!!!

February 3rd, 2009 | 5 Comments | Posted in Movies, People are Stupid

Yea, not really

Filming at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico on July 18th last year, Bale goes off on the director of photography Shane Hurlbut whom the actor accuses of ruining a scene by walking onto the set. Bale threatens to quit the production if the DP isn’t fired.

Yet another Hollywood prick who thinks that he is more important than he really is.  He thinks he’s an “artist” when the fact is he’s not.  He is an entertainer.  The artist is the person who wrote the script, the storyboard artist who lays it all out so Mr Bale knows what the fuck he should be doing, the cameraman who does the amazing camera work to create an effect, Bale just spouts off lines – that’s it.  Without those other people there to make him look good he’s just another pissy liberal

Personally, I have yet to see him in a movie that I thought was worth a crap and that includes Batman.  The only way they could have gotten someone who was LESS like Batman than Christian Bale was if they had hired Pauly Shore for the job.

I think as soon as Bale spouted off with “I’ll kick your fucking ass” I would have told him to bring it.  May have lost my job, but there is no way in hell I’d let a fucking punk like Bale threaten me.  He can go pound sand up his ass for all I care.

Yea, This what Bale thinks he is.

Yea, not so much