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I’m the God Damn Batman Redux

February 7th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Movies, People are Stupid

Well, since I posted about Ol’ Chrissy Bale’s (I’ll call him a man’s name when he acts like one) meltdown on the set and referred to him as a ‘fucking punk’ I thought I should do a follow up since he has made the traditional Hollywood apology.

“It’s been a miserable week for me,” Bale, 35, admitted. “I was out of order, beyond belief. I acted like a punk. I regret that. There is nobody who has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it than me.”

We are still, of course, waiting for the announcement that he will be entering a treatment facility to help him with his anger management issues, but I have to laugh at the There is nobody who has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it than me”. Yea, sure, you are just worried that people are going to say “Screw you.  I’m never going to one of that assholes films.”

According to the recently released audio tape, Bale screamed for nearly four minutes in a profanity-laced rage at Hurlbut when he accidentally walked on set.

But Bale said his freak out was due to the intense nature of his craft.

You want to see the “intense nature of {someones} craft”?  Get your ass out there with a firefighter trying to save someone from a burning building; or a cop who is under fire from some piece of shit gang banger; what about a doctor or an EMT who is trying to save a person’s life as the patient is circling the drain; or how bout one of our military members on point in Iraq or Afghanistan.  I did a quick search and can’t find anywhere if Chrissy have ever even BEEN to see and support our troops.

No, your ‘craft’ is not intense.

Yes, I do know a little about acting because as an animator we have to ACT out what our characters are doing and that requires – ACTING!  Am I on the same level as a multi-million dollar movie person?  Nope, but I think that if you are getting paid that much to do make believe then maybe you can ACT like a fucking human every once in a while.

I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves, ‘Have they ever had a bad day and ever lost their temper and really regretted it immensely?’”

I’ve had bad days, everyone has, but my WORST day never included a four minute tirade and threats of violence, and that was the day I was slashed open with a broken beer bottle by a drunk asshole.

Chrissy, you are a spoiled little brat who threw a tantrum when the world didn’t turn the way you wanted it to and the sky wasn’t the perfect shade of blue for you.  Grow the fuck up, jerk.