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You Don’t Arrest Them, You Kill Them

February 10th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Pass the ammo, People are Stupid, Support the Troops

I truly wonder what it will take for the rest of the world to realize that we are at WAR.  This is not a gang of drug runners who are trying to expand their turf and sell their crack, this is a group that has declared a religious war on us and will not stop until one side of the other is defeated.

As Uncle Jimbo said; War’s don’t end, they are either won or lost.  So why the hell can’t Europe seem to understand that?

Poland pledges to capture and “punish” the Taliban militants who beheaded a Polish engineer in Pakistan on Friday before delivering a video of the attack to the media, the Times of London reports.

“The cassette of the execution, this bestial execution, is authentic and unfortunately it confirms the worst,” Sikorski reportedly said in a statement. “Now we can no longer save our compatriot, we are going to try to punish his killers.”

Sikorski promised to issue international arrest warrants for the Taliban militants, and officials charged that elements within the Pakistani government shared blame for the killing.

Punish?? No. How about ‘decimate’, how about ‘exterminate’, how about ‘kill’?

These are not criminals that can be arrested, then put on trial and locked up for a few years and then, gee, they are reformed.  These people worship death, to them every road leads to death no matter what.  They blow themselves up and they are martyrs, if they are shamed then blowing themselves up will erase the shame and make them martyrs.

So why are people still talking about arresting and ‘bringing them to justice’? Kill them and be done with it for once.  IF they want death so badly I think that is one thing we should accommodate them on.