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Standing Upon the Wall

February 18th, 2009 Posted in America the beautiful, History

Bill Whittle once again give us an excellent essay.  One day I will have to abandon my rough language of short sentences and blunt points so that I can master my native tongue as well as he has.

And from your perch on the frozen, bone-dry lunar sand you would see the same pattern, the same pulse, the same heartbeat: a slow, steady rise, followed by a precipitous, shockingly quick fall… and then centuries, or even millennia of darkness, fear, superstition, disease and ignorance before the spark took hold again elsewhere.

One thing in common these patterns bear: the rise slow, the fall seemingly precipitous, and in every case we find the loss of nerve and strength and will comes not from the bottom, not from the common people at all, but from the rulers, the philosophers, the most affluent and educated who, in their comfort and Narcissism, abandon duty for self-absorption and self-gratification and who in boredom or self-loathing decide to fling open the gates of the city to the barbarians beyond, while the common man still stands at the walls prepared to die for the people in his charge.

And now here stands America, inheritor of that great tradition, astride that same cycle in its most dangerous and dire moment. And by any measure America is by far the most brilliant light the world has ever seen. And I can prove it, too.

Go, read, enjoy.

3 Responses to “Standing Upon the Wall”

  1. Ratso Rizzo Says:

    Oh please. Bill Whittle is so full of hot air that he probably needs cables to hold him down. he insists on using three sentences where one will do. I always think he must get paid by the word.

  2. Instinct Says:

    Gee, why am I not surprised you have that opinion

  3. Ratso Rizzo Says:

    Maybe because I’m well-educated and have an appreciation for good writing, instead of verbosity DISGUISED as good writing? You for example, are not so bad.

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