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A Thousand Retarded Suns

February 23rd, 2009 Posted in It's all about me, The wife and I

Me “My love for you is like a thousand burning suns!”

Wife “So I’m going to get radiation poisoning and die?”

Me ”OK, a thousand suns without all the radiation.”

Wife “So im just going to be burned to a crisp from the heat?”

Me “Ummm… no, they are cool suns, very mild heat from them, but glowey and stuff.”

Wife “So, I’m just going to be blind then?”

Me “Er, no… a thousand very dim glowey suns.”

Wife “So you love me like a thousand retarded suns?”

Me “Yep, that about sums it up”

15 Responses to “A Thousand Retarded Suns”

  1. Jennifer Says:


  2. MuscleDaddy Says:

    I would think that after that ‘Neighbor-Right-Across’ episode, she wouldn’t complain about the ‘blindness’ thing…

    – MuscleDaddy

    P.S. – I just (my own fault for being a drive-by) realized that your wife is Jennifer from IJH.

    …. I cannot adequately express how cool that is.

  3. Instinct Says:

    Oh, no no no….

    Jennifer is just a friend. Her husband is Michael from Micheal’s Soapbox

    LOL. No my wife is very low, low tech and only uses the computer to play Sims. Otherwise she reacts to computers like a vampire to a cross 😀

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Oh dear! No, Instinct’s wife is an artist in real life. I’m a bean counter.
    And my hubby has more firepower:)

  5. Jennifer Says:

    I’m quite flattered to be thought of as ‘cool’ though.

  6. Michael Says:

    Wha? I… I’m speechless! That doesn’t happen often, either. Just ask my wife, you know, Jennifer at In Jennifer’s Head. 😉

  7. MuscleDaddy Says:


    That’s what I get for being “Drive-By” at other people’s sites.

    I knew that – I was just doing my usual stream-of-consciousness web-browsing between work projects, and got everyone mixed up.

    Jennifer – Guns
    Michael (who I think of as ‘evylrobot’)Guns

    Me commenting here on the new “compensation-for-the-M24-that-they-wouldn’t-let-me-keep”Guns

    Combined with *Your wife the SuperHero*

    …turned into “Here – Guns – Wife – Jennifer’sHead”

    (when I can keep it all straight, it’s the sort of thing that makes me a really good analyst)

    – MuscleDaddy

    P.S. – Jennifer, you’re still cool.

  8. Instinct Says:

    Hey, not my fault that my gun count is low. I spent all my money turning my body into a weapon

  9. MuscleDaddy Says:


    – MD

  10. Michael Says:

    My mind is a weapon! When you lay out your reasoning, it does make sense. I agree that Jen is cool. That’s one of the many reasons I married her. The progression that took you to your conclusion is pretty funny. I’m not sure when I became a gun blogger, but it seems to work, I suppose…

  11. MuscleDaddy Says:


    When you became the go-to guy for custom ammuntion storage!


    – MD

  12. MuscleDaddy Says:

    …I could also go to the intersection of:

    “Driving A MuscleCar” & “I Used To Work @ Autozone”

    Hmmm… come to think of it, I’ve never seen both of you in the same place @ the same time … Kind of like Dustin Hoffman & Al Pacino.

    Jen, are you a super-hero?

    – MD

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Well yeah.
    In fact, if you’ll notice where Instinct’s link goes on his original superhero post, you’ll see I’m the reason the rest of you are too 😉

  14. Instinct Says:

    Yea, yea… you’re a trend setter…. whatever 😀

  15. Michael Says:

    Maybe I could be a superhero in real life… …I wonder where I could get some invisible pants? Nah. That would never work out.

    Honestly, MD – I was getting more hits from gun forums or google searches on gun-stuff than anything else combined long before the whole ammo storage for the new shotgun thing happened. Eventually, I just decided to kind of roll with it. I have to admit that it’s been pretty good motivation and it’s been more inspiring than I thought it would be to look for the inspiration specifically in one subject circle.

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