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Web site WTF

March 9th, 2009 | 4 Comments | Posted in webstuff

Apparently I am having some problems with the blog. It shows fine in Safari, Firefox and isn’t showing a dang thing in Internet Explorer.

While I am fairly certain that Microsoft isn’t targeting me for reprisal of some sort since I swear I gave those pens back that I tried to take from the lobby, I’m going to assume it might be something with the theme.

So, until I get it figured out you may want to give Firefox a chance. That is, if you can read this.

What happens when you cross a Nigerian scam with an English teacher?

March 9th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in my friends, People are Stupid

It ends up looking something like this

Get in touch with us immediately so that we will (add “be able to”) advise you on what next to do to avoid getting yourself in a very dip (this word makes no sense here; perhaps you meant “deep”?  If so, again, it is unprofessionally colloquial–revise) problem that you will live to regret (threats are so IRS–revise). Note that we are working for the interest of the whole world which means for your good and for the good of the rest of the world (this sounds incredibly wimpy; especially if you are attempting to maintain an intimidating tone).

Go read the whole thing, but watch the grammar in the comments section or you too may be subjected to the “RED PEN OF SEVERE DISPLEASURE