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Too much

March 31st, 2009 Posted in B Hussein, ramblings

There’s too much.

Too much crap going on in our government, too many power grabs, too much greed and too much government control.  They are kicking so much crap up in the air all just to keep us blind to what is really going on behind it all which, from what I have seen, it a blatant push by the Democrats to take control of private industry all under the guise of ‘fairness’ while attempting to blame it all on conservatives and the Republicans.

Barney Fwank wants the feds to control all the salaries at AIG and other American companies.

The most “open and honest'(TM) goverment ever is once again covering the fat ass of John Murtha

We have the return of the fairness doctrine – now under new management

We also get the new slave state – now it’s the white folks turn

While we are engaged in a war with an enemy that wants us destroyed, Obama is going to cut our defense

And while we struggle to make ends meet, our rock star ‘President’ does his world tour

It occurs to me that B Hussein  really doesn’t give a crap about running the country (what a shock) he just want’s to be the BMOC.  he’s narcissistic, vain, and is only concerned with his own comfort level.  So, who cares if the country is collapsing as long as he has the thermostat set nice and high and the steaks are done just right.
Our government was designed so that the powers would balance each other out.  But like spoiled children, they have given themselves more and more power while using “because we say so” as the way to justify it.

The press, which used to be the watchdog of the government, turned into the lapdog and provides cover fire for a Congress that is the most greedy and corrupt every.  I’m tired of assholes like Barney making millions off of the crappy loans HE HELPED FORCE BANKS TO MAKE and they sit up there and sanctimoniously tsk -tsk the bankers for making bad loans.  FUCK YOU, you God Damned bastard!

I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of them.  I’m tired of listening to them scream about how evil we all are who work our asses off and really have a problem with seeing what I work for taken and given to some worthless asshole who wants to sit on his butt all day.  I’m told “Oh there are no jobs” – really?? Then what the fuck are all the illegals doing?  How bout we ship them out – since they aren’t here LEGALLY anyway – and then those lazy fuckers can do the jobs that the illegals were doing.

I don’t give a shit if it’s not a glamorous job, I don’t care if it’s not the kind of job you want to do.  You need a job, right?  Here’s a fucking job – go to work.

And I am certainly tired of hearing that if I don’t agree with Obama I must be a racist – FUCK YOU ALL WITH Al GORE’S DICK!!!  I disagree with him because he wants to put this country into a debt that will make even third world economies look better than ours.  I disagree with him because I don’t think companies that are failing should be propped up – we did this before and it doesn’t work.  I disagree with him because I think he is a featherweight amateur who is only doing what George Soros tells him to do because Obama is a Chicago politican through and through, bought and paid for.

So fuck Congress, fuck the president and fuck the bailouts.  I’m sick of all you bastards.

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