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And the Asshole of the Week Award goes to….

April 4th, 2009 | 2 Comments | Posted in People are Stupid, WTF

Levi Johnston!!

Hey, thanks Levi for showing what a jerk you really are.  Seriously, what kind of an asshole goes onto a rag show like Tyra Banks and spills about their relationship to a a teenage girl who shouldn’t even be in the media’s light?  Never-mind, I already know what kind would do that and it’s the same kind that says “Sure, baby, I’ll respect you in the morning.”

Fucking scumbag, that the kind.

Remember the whole liberal thing about how ‘The kids should be left alone” when it came to Obama’s kids even after he was using them in interviews to show what a great, all American guy he was?  And yet, Bristol Palin was savaged by the media and called every name in the book while blatant lies were being told all over the place about her, her relationship and her pregnancy.  That’s hard enough for anyone to deal with as an adult, but she’s a seventeen year old girl and now this happens!! Gee Tyra, you going to be interviewing Malia Obama’s boyfriend when he gets her pregnant and then dumps her??

Levi, you are a scumbag.  I’m going to take a wild stab and guess that the breakup was because you wanted to write some kind of tell all book or do the talk shows and make a bunch of money saying anything they wanted to hear while Bristol just wanted to get married, raise your child together and stay out of the damn spotlight.  I guess we now know which side you ended up landing on and I hope the 30 pieces of silver they gave you was enough.

A few of the comments go after Bristol saying “Well she gave an interview, why shouldn’t he”.  Difference is that in Bristol’s interview she talked only about herself and her life with the baby, She didn’t badmouth Levi’s family and essentially trash talk them the way that he did to her family.  There’s a difference between questions like “Did she [Gov. Palin] know you guys were active?” from Tyra – to show how bad and hypocritical Sarah Palin must be if she’s talking about abstinence but knows her daughter is having sex, and Does he [Levi]have any sort of — does he feel the same way you feel about teen pregnancy and have some sort of — Well, maybe a good idea to wait usually, unless things happen? From Greta, which is specifically addressing Bristol’s relationship with the guy she was, at the time, going to marry and the SPECIFIC problem they had.

Yea, Levi, you’re a real poster child for a class act.  I’m going to bet that you even have a ‘tell all’ book in the works too? A nice liberal ghost writer helping you out with that? Making sure the Palin’s get bashed enough so that it will be on the New York Times best seller list?  You are a scumbag and a bastard.  You sold out the woman you said you loved for the Tyra Banks show and the tabloids.  Don’t worry though, I’m sure the Democrats will find more uses for you in the future.  They’ll trot you out like a little show pony come 2012 and you can do your tricks.

I hope you’re happy with yourself, you threw away a life with your child so you could have the spotlight for 15 minutes.

h/t Ace