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Soneone Doesn’t Like Tea

April 11th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in California, Cry FREEDOM!, Libtards

There is the problem with living in a closed system where only one point of view is ever heard, any time something new enters the network it is met with overwhelming apprehension and fear. First I encountered it in one of my classes with a classmate telling me that I was rude, offensive and closed minded.

Why did he say this? Because I was having a discussion about socialism and capitalism with a classmate who is an avowed socialist – we were debating the merits of each system but apparently that kind of exchange of ideas is “closed minded” and telling someone who you disagree with to shut up is “open minded”.

I thanked him for explaining that to me and pointing out how closed minded I was by actually listening to someone else’s point of view and so to make sure that I was open minded enough for him I asked him kindly to STFU.

And then I get home and come across this piece of crap from another so-called ‘journalist’.

You can read the rest below the fold.

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