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Soneone Doesn’t Like Tea

April 11th, 2009 Posted in California, Cry FREEDOM!, Libtards

There is the problem with living in a closed system where only one point of view is ever heard, any time something new enters the network it is met with overwhelming apprehension and fear. First I encountered it in one of my classes with a classmate telling me that I was rude, offensive and closed minded.

Why did he say this? Because I was having a discussion about socialism and capitalism with a classmate who is an avowed socialist – we were debating the merits of each system but apparently that kind of exchange of ideas is “closed minded” and telling someone who you disagree with to shut up is “open minded”.

I thanked him for explaining that to me and pointing out how closed minded I was by actually listening to someone else’s point of view and so to make sure that I was open minded enough for him I asked him kindly to STFU.

And then I get home and come across this piece of crap from another so-called ‘journalist’.

You can read the rest below the fold.

Tea Party movement aims to inspire revolution

Write that date down; people- it could very well mark the beginning of the end. With the notoriously conservative Tea Party movement gaining steam, is it time to take the ‘United’ out of ‘United States’?

Yes, everyone, dissent is bad. While eight years of calling Bush a fascist, warmonger, evil man and protests were good, now that Obama is in office any sort of protest against something the government is doing is now bad.

The Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party-people consider themselves a coherent and diverse network of Americans from every conceivable walk of life. They are cultural warriors fighting against the tax-happy, spend-happy ways of the evil Obama cabal, real American patriots, and staunch defenders against the creeping evils of Socialism.

In reality, their ‘movement’ is incredibly divisive, a mindset that stands in sharp contrast to Obama’s calls for bipartisanship in this time of great national need. Their arguments have the potential to divide the country along titanic lines not seen since the bloody days of the Civil War.

Wow, because we have a different point of view we are going to shatter the country. I guess that would be because we are to closed minded to involve the other side in discussions about budgets, bailouts and being disenfranchised.  You know, like having closed door sessions and locking out the other political party from them.  Or doing something like looking at the opposition and when they raise concerns about one of your ideas responding with “I won” as an argument.  No, that’s not divisive at all!

The Tea Party movement is an incredibly dangerous concept, fuelled by the usual gushes of sycophantic support from the conservative news media (here’s looking at you, Fox). Consider a recent poll posted on Sean Hannity’s website, asking his loyal followers if they thought America was ripe for ‘revolution’. Or perhaps you’ve heard some of the vitriolic treasonous crap spewing forth from the mouth of Fox’s resident white-haired lunatic, He Who Shall Go Unnamed.

‘He Who Shall Go Unnamed”. Nice thinly veiled reference to Glenn Beck, who has said numerous times on his show that we can PEACEFULLY protest what we are against in our government and NOT resort to violence, but I don’t expect that Wyatt Shev ever really watches Beck’s show, just like most of the people who scream about Rush Limbaugh never listen to his show either. They have their (closed) minds made up  so don’t confuse them with any facts.

Treasonous?? The legal definition of treason is this: “The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.”

Now, I would love to have Mr. Shev explain how someone saying that our government has overstepped its bounds as defined by the constitution is treason, but I’m sure that Mr. Shev doesn’t believe that in the first place, he just grabbed it as a handy club to use against anyone who doesn’t agree with his point of view. Once again, open minded means that anyone who disagrees with you needs to STFU.

And how exactly is peaceful protests, as our Founding Fathers guaranteed us under the First Amendment a ‘dangerous concept’? Is it because we are disagreeing with someone else’s idea, or because you don’t want to hear it? My guess, again, is number two.

The Tea Party Movement is basically a flag for Republicans disenfranchised by last year’s election results to rally behind. Give it up, guys. You lost fair and square. Obama and his policies have the mandate of the people- unlike a certain Bush I could mention.

Gee, I didn’t realize that having a win of 52% (Obama) over 51% (Bush) constituted a ‘mandate’. I would think a real mandate would require more than barely half the people who voted supporting you.

Can you imagine the potential for chaos if some of these ‘protesters’ decide to exercise the Second Amendment and bring their weapons to these rallies? There’s a thin line between peaceful protest and bloodthirsty patriotic fervor, especially if those protesting are used to being on the side of the mighty status quo.

Actually, shithead, those ‘protesters’ you are so scared of have already been carrying their sidearms – legally – to these protest and, what do you know! Blood hasn’t been running in the streets.  Unlike some of the ‘peaceful’ protests of the left where Project:Code Pink bimbos attacked counter protesters outside the USMC recruiting station in Berkley.  Yea, such a peaceful protest the left always holds.  So peaceful that when another group holds a different viewpoint they have to cross the street and physically assault them.

I also love how he tries to turn it into Bush vs. Obama; Republican vs. Democrat. It’s not ANY of that, the Republicans are just as much at fault as the Democrats are in this thing. BOTH sides are responsible for bloating the size of our government to unsustainable levels, for giving us the bailouts that should have NEVER been done and saddling me, my children and quite possibly my grandchildren with the bill, and for taking away our rights one at a time and bundling them all under federal control.

What part of the constitution gives the government the right to control education? Where do they have the right to fire heads of companies because the President decides he wants to? What article or amendment says that they can determine how much money you make at your job?

None of these are powers that the federal government was EVER supposed to have, but they gave the power to themselves by voting it to themselves, which is something that was never supposed to be done. They have ignored the fact that the Constitution clearly dictates that the only powers they have are what are given to them by the Constitution, and nothing else. Everything else that is not DIRECTLY given to them is remanded to the states to oversee. There’s no ambiguity here and that is what the tea parties are about, our government has been overstepping its authority for not just years, but for GENERATIONS and it’s time we took our power back.

The Founding Fathers established this Republic we live in so that WE THE PEOPLE would have control of our lives and our fortunes, not so that the government could determine if we earned too much, were to successful, or if we weren’t donating enough to whatever causes the government wants to support and not doing enough volunteer work so now the government will make it mandatory. Not of this was their intent or desire. But, it’s happening and it gone too far. So, we the people will peacefully protest the infringement of our rights by the very government that swore a solemn oath to protect them.

And no, we won’t STFU.


Just saw this over at House of Eratosthenes so I’m swiping it for here

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