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DM of the Rings

June 21st, 2009 Posted in webstuff

I stumbled onto this and got a good laugh out of it.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have to roll a saving throw vs. uber-geekyness


Damn, failed it again.

4 Responses to “DM of the Rings”

  1. ailuromaniac Says:

    OMG! you should be ashamed of yourself…..Now I am failing the saving throws against uber-geekiness. 😉

    My secret shame (or is it pride???) I refer to “The Hobbit” as “The Red Book of the West March”

  2. Instinct Says:

    I do too. I even have the leather bound editions.

  3. gatakitty Says:

    TNB5, Bear, and I were ROFLOAOASTC all weekend!

    Do we get XP for reading the whole saga?

  4. Instinct Says:

    Yes, actually you do 😀

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