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Fingers on the Trigger

September 4th, 2009 Posted in Cry FREEDOM!, Libtards

I was just reading that the Senate may be close to a deal on healthcare reform that will put in place a ‘trigger’ that won’t go off if the health insurance companies reach certain goals on affordability and access to health insurance that the Senate will determine. Gee, isn’t that nice of them.

The goal is to find common ground for Republicans and some Democrats who got an earful this summer from constituents vehemently opposed to a government-managed health care system.

The town halls were so heated that they may have convinced Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, who faces a tough re-election next year, to come out this week and say the government-run plan is too expensive.

So, instead of getting a government run plan right off the bat, they are trying to shift it around so that it goes the way of GM. The government makes unrealistic demands on the auto manufacturers about fuel economy and safety that in 2007 cost GM over $110 billion dollars in research costs, increased the cost of new cars by $500-6000 per vehicle, AND – if that isn’t enough – there’s an additional $2000 on top for mandated safety equipment. Safety equipment that is required because the only way to reach the fuel standards mandated was to make lighter, less safe cars.

Now we are going to get the same thing on the healthcare side. Senators, who know nothing about medicine, healthcare, or what doctors/ insurance companies REALLY do, coming up with a ‘plan’ on how it should be done which will force the insurance companies to charge less, give more, and will push them to a point that they will not be able to provide proper coverage and will end up bankrupt. At which point the government stooges will step in with “We must solve this crisis” which will be yet another disaster of their own making.

“We agree we need to take control of health care costs and make health insurance affordable for families and small businesses. We agree all Americans should be able to choose — and be able to afford — a quality health care plan. And, we agree health care reform should be fiscally responsible and not add to the deficit,” he said in a statement.

If Congress REALLY wanted healthcare reform, the first thing they would do is go for some tort reform, but of course they won’t because the trial lawyer lobby of ambulance chasers gives so much money to their congressional boot lickers, $83 million in 2008 and 95% of it to democrats. After that, they would allow insurance companies to compete across state lines which would drive REAL competition, and real choice.

Finally, and we know this will never happen as long as the Democrats are in control and probably won’t happen even if Republicans are in charge, PEOPLE should be buying their insurance however they want to, it should not be tied to a job with your employer choosing what is covered and what isn’t – yes, your employer sets up what they want covered by your insurance and the insurance company does it. So, if your insurance doesn’t cover contraceptive but does cover abortions (I have seen them) then take it up with your boss because he signed off on it.

So, if the individual is allowed to choose what he wants covered for himself and his family then he gets what he needs. No history of cancer? Then maybe you don’t want full coverage on that. The point is that right now insurance companies don’t compete, not really. They go after the large companies with lots of employees and that’s where they make their cash, as long as the big employers are happy then the insurance companies don’t have to do that much since once you sign the forms your stuck with that insurance for at least the next year.

But, what if it was like car insurance? You don’t like your coverage you can shop around and get something different right then! You can hop online and find something better! No, that would never do though because that would put the individual in charge of their own health and their own insurance and we can’t have that, now can we?

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