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September 11th, 2009 Posted in History, Libtards

As I write this I remember where I was when our world changed eight years ago. Like my friend Jennifer I’m still angry.  I’m angry enough that I want a government that shares my anger rather than boot licking the bastards that cheered while our citizens died.

I find it strange though.  Only eight years have passed since that horrible day and out here in San Francisco people are like “Oh, yeah, that’s right 9/11…”

How can you forget something like this?  How is it that on THIS DAY of all days you don’t remember what happened in a history you were part of?  Did the attacks mean nothing to the people out here?  Did they sit around thinking to themselves “Well, we’re peaceful, man, and like they should know that”

No, I don’t understand how this day can come around and the people I see aren’t filled with rage remembering what happened.  They shrug and move on with what they were doing.

I spent seven years of my life defending this country and risking my life so that I could come home and watch people react with total disinterest when remembering the most destructive attack on US soil in modern history.  The left coast makes me sick.

Never forget, never forgive, never surrender.


Obama shows his strong resolve this day by painting a living room.  Can we end the joke now and put the adults back in charge? It’s gone on long enough.

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