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Doesn’t ‘no’ mean NO?

September 30th, 2009 Posted in Libtards, WTF

According to Debra Tate ‘no’ really doesn’t mean no after all.

Polanski was arrested Saturday in Zurich. The U.S. has been seeking his extradition for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Tate says Polanski did not forcibly have sex with the girl, calling it a “consensual matter.”

Yeah, great guy.  We will ignore for the moment (like the left does) that the girl was well below the age of consent which means that it doesn’t matter if she thought she wanted to or not, it is still considered rape because the pedophilic bastard should have still kept his hands off of her.

Let us instead look at her statement on it to the police.

Two weeks after Polanski plied her with Champagne and a Quaalude, Samantha Gailey appeared before an L.A. grand jury and recalled Polanski’s predatory behavior in a Mulholland Canyon home owned by Jack Nicholson.

The teenager’s troubling–and contemporaneous–account of her abuse at Polanski’s hands begins with her posing twice for topless photos that the director said were for French Vogue. The girl then told prosecutors how Polanski directed her to, “Take off your underwear” and enter the Jacuzzi, where he photographed her naked. Soon, the director, who was then 43, joined her in the hot tub. He also wasn’t wearing any clothes and, according to Gailey’s testimony, wrapped his hands around the child’s waist.

The girl testified that she left the Jacuzzi and entered a bedroom in Nicholson’s home, where Polanski sat down beside her and kissed the teen, despite her demands that he “keep away.” According to Gailey, Polanski then performed a sex act on her and later “started to have intercourse with me.” At one point, according to Gailey’s testimony, Polanski asked the 13-year-old if she was “on the pill,” and “When did you last have your period?” Polanski then asked her, Gailey recalled, “Would you want me to go in through your back?” before he “put his penis in my butt.” Asked why she did not more forcefully resist Polanski, the teenager told Deputy D.A. Roger Gunson, “Because I was afraid of him.”

Gee, that sounds REALLY consensual doesn’t it?  I would have killed the son of a bitch if it was my daughter this happened to.  I would have hopped a plane to France and hunted him down like the fucking animal he is.  I have three items in my book that should get the death penalty – murder, rape and child molestation.  I don’t give a rats ass what “wonderful works” you have given to the world, once you do one of those three you have destroyed a persons life and, in many cases, they will never recover so why should we, as a society, take the chance that you won’t do it again?

That one girls life is worth a whole lot more than every Polanski movie ever made.  Bastard should be ass raped by the biggest, meanest son-of-a-bitch in jail until he is a crying puddle on the floor.  Yeah, I’m not a forgiving type – he RAPED a CHILD!

Oh, and here is a brilliant article on what a low life vermin Polanski truly is.

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