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One Tough Cowboy

September 30th, 2009 Posted in Family Stuff

Found out today that my mom’s favorite dog Tuff died. He was 12 and had been fighting cancer for the last few years.

They caught it the first time and removed it from a spot on his leg and he was fine for almost three years, but this time it seems that it spread very quickly and what they thought was an abscessed tooth turned out to be cancer in his jaw that had spread from his leg. Rather than have him suffer through chemo and drugs just so she could keep him around for maybe a year more, mom made the choice to let him go.

Tuff was a show dog. He didn’t like obedience that much, probably because he was stubborn and what we like to call a ‘free spirit’ which is generally code for “pain in the ass that’s fun to have around.” But when it came to the agility courses Tuff shined. He lived to make my mom happy and liked nothing better than to get out and have some fun.

You hear about dogs that are “one in a million” but Tuff really was one.

Rest in peace Tuff.

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