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After School Special

January 8th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Animation Stuff

With school being out and me needing to get my reel up to speed so that I can acquire gainful employment upon release from this institution of higher learning, I have been spending my time tweaking an old model from a few semesters ago so that it will be the quality I require.

I pulled out the old Camaro, and while there wasn’t really all that much wrong with it I knew that I could improve it with some tweaks here and there and also by approaching the paint job in a different way.  So, here’s how it stands so far without anything but the basic Lambert shader assigned to it.

Made some of the metal creases a bit sharper and more defined, changed the bucket seats out for ones I thought looked better, and generally just tucked things up a bit.

Here’s the wire framing on it

Personally, I’m still surprised that it came in at around 172,000 polygons with all the detail that had to go into building the tires out.

And finally, the very, VERY basic beginings of a texture job.

I’m hoping it will all be done by around Sunday.  I still have a steam locomotive to finish before school starts up again, and there’s also a train station that needs a lot of work too.