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Oh, for fucks sake!

January 11th, 2010 Posted in Libtards, WTF

You want to know what happens when some useless bureaucrat, who generally sits around on his ass all day generally not doing much to add to the overall efficiency of the organization he is part of, decided that he is so God-damn important that even people not under his supervision should answer to him before doing their job? Well, here’s the answer right here in San Francisco.

A San Francisco police officer was ordered out of John O’Connell High School for arresting an alleged gang member in connection with a double homicide without first consulting the principal.

Officer Joel Babbs, who is assigned to the department’s schools detail, thought he was doing his job Dec. 15, getting a potentially dangerous suspect out of the Mission District School as fast as possible and without incident.

Funny, last I remember the law is still in effect on school campuses. Also, I don’t ever remember seeing “Principal” as one of the command positions in the police department either. This douche bag principal was more worried that his little fiefdom was invaded by ‘The Man’ than he was about having a suspect in a double homicide on campus? WTF???? And why did the head dumbshit have his wee-wee on?

However, O’Connell principal Rick Duber – who told us he believes in “intervention over suspension” – said he was upset that Babbs had not informed him of the planned arrest and had handcuffed the student in public.

” I am very concerned about (Babbs’) actions,” Duber wrote in a memo to his school district superior the day of the arrest, adding that “his action today precludes any possibility of him ever returning to our campus.”

Upset that the little criminal, sorry ALLEGED criminal, was handcuffed in public… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING? Ten to one says the little bastard has a rap sheet as long as my arm. I feel pretty safe in saying this because generally kids don’t just wake up one day and say “Gee, think I’ll help hold some people down while my friend puts a bullet in them.” I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

But OH. MY. GOD. The little punk might have been embarrassed in front of his friends. The principal wasn’t able to give him hugs and words of encouragement. What will he do? How will he survive?? Oh, the HORROR!!! Oh, and I can see that the “intervention over suspension” really worked with this kid. He was originally not in school the day before because he showed up drunk and was sent home. Course the fact that the kid was 15 and drunk didn’t make anyone call the authorities, nope. Just because the legal drinking age is 21. Nope, no reason at all.

Just one more reason that when we have kids we will home school them, and another reason to get the hell out of this mad house.

2 Responses to “Oh, for fucks sake!”

  1. Kdaunt Says:

    I know you may have simply been venting, but you got it right – home school your kids! My wife home schooled our three girls for about seven of their most formative years and it really paid off. They’re very close, the girls are excellent scholars and well adjusted. And there’s a very accessible and helpful online community of home schooling families that share curriculum and advice. There’s even a school in Massachusetts that will send you all the books and materials, and then grade your child’s work for you for a very reasonable price.

  2. Instinct Says:

    Venting was over the stupidity of our public school system, but we are serious about home schooling.

    I don’t trust public schools to teach my kids the essentials of critical thought and analysis or to keep them safe and not indoctrinate them into the standard “What do you feel” crap that I see from so many of my classmates.

    I was lucky too, my mom taught debate, US History, US Government, and English so I picked up a lot from her, including a love of US History and especially Revolutionary History.

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