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One door closes…

January 17th, 2010 Posted in my friends, Pass the ammo

My friend Michael just got laid off from his job, which really sucks.  I’ve been laid off and fired before and it’s never a good feeling, especially being laid off.  You work, do a good job, and get let go for no other reason that “Well, we are doing cutbacks.”

Fortunately, when one door closes God opens another and he now has a few irons in the fire as to what he should do next. One of them is expanding his part time holster making and going full time with it.  So, I ask you with sincere honesty, if you need a holster or know someone who does, please go to his site and order one from him.  It is my deepest desire that he is so busy making holsters and other leather goods (belts, BOOTS… hint, hint..) that it becomes a full time job for him and he doesn’t have time to get another job.

His work is all custom and he can do it however you would like it to be done.  He has examples up on his website so go take a look and, if you need, give him something to keep his hands busy.

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