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Now THIS is funneh

January 21st, 2010 Posted in Humor. HAR... HAR!

h/t Boing Boing


4 Responses to “Now THIS is funneh”

  1. ailuromaniac Says:

    O.K. I have been ignoring this for several days now but my warped sense of humor must be indulged.

    This is wrong…just WRONG on so many levels.

    1. It implies there are honest lawyers out there. OK so it is true but the stinkers are definitely hogging the spotlight.

    2. It so achingly screams the case for tort reform not just on health care but other stupid stunts. Remember the hot coffee injury?

    3. Can you not see the line of litigants trying to get a class action going for this one? What was Ron White’s schick….oh yeah, “you can’t fix stupid!”

    4. How about the ambulance chasers advertising if you have been injured in a power outage and lost your video game score. Call Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga and McCormick. We will make them pay or we will not collect?

    5. Yeah, I bet they even leave out Hungadunga and he is the most important partner.

    You know I had a lawyer get in a huff and try to tell me that the Shakesperian line “Kill all the Lawyers” is a miss quote. It is out of context and the context changes the meaning but the quote is correct. I never knew for certain if she did not know the difference or thought she could bluff me.

    I’ll stop now.

  2. Instinct Says:

    Oh, you are so very right, I think that it probably is a subtle hint that tort reform is needed but lawyers are controlled by the bar on what they can and cannot say in an ad.

    We had a lawyer in New Mexico who constantly got in trouble for his ads because the bar thought they didn’t show enough respect for the profession. He didn’t care and kept running them so they would sanction him, he would sue them. It was a big joke.

    So yes, there are some good lawyers out there, but as in most things, the criminals are running the show.

  3. paulajeanne Says:

    Don’t mean to hijack this entry, instinct, but I have a question. Thought and thought who could I ask, and decided you would be someone who not only would know the answer but not deride me for asking. Just why does the left snigger over the term Tea Bagger and use it as a term of derision? Maybe I’m awfully illiterate or naive, but I have no idea! Hope you read back on these entries and can help me out. Appreciate it!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Tea bagging refers to a non-standard sexual practice. Don’t Google it, it is not for the faint of heart. The left in their infinite maturity thinks it’s funny to use this label for tea partyers due to the disgusting innuendo. It’s become their newest epithet since they’ve worn out the word ‘racist.’ It’s really on par with making fart jokes at a cocktail party and only shows their lack of class.

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