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One door closes…

January 17th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in my friends, Pass the ammo

My friend Michael just got laid off from his job, which really sucks.  I’ve been laid off and fired before and it’s never a good feeling, especially being laid off.  You work, do a good job, and get let go for no other reason that “Well, we are doing cutbacks.”

Fortunately, when one door closes God opens another and he now has a few irons in the fire as to what he should do next. One of them is expanding his part time holster making and going full time with it.  So, I ask you with sincere honesty, if you need a holster or know someone who does, please go to his site and order one from him.  It is my deepest desire that he is so busy making holsters and other leather goods (belts, BOOTS… hint, hint..) that it becomes a full time job for him and he doesn’t have time to get another job.

His work is all custom and he can do it however you would like it to be done.  He has examples up on his website so go take a look and, if you need, give him something to keep his hands busy.

Sho Nuff!

January 13th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Movies

I forced the wife to watch part of this last night.  I don’t think she’s forgiven me yet.

Is this major levels of cheese?  Sho-nuff!

(from the wife)

Is this a form of torture?  Sho-nuff!

Oh, for fucks sake!

January 11th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Libtards, WTF

You want to know what happens when some useless bureaucrat, who generally sits around on his ass all day generally not doing much to add to the overall efficiency of the organization he is part of, decided that he is so God-damn important that even people not under his supervision should answer to him before doing their job? Well, here’s the answer right here in San Francisco.

A San Francisco police officer was ordered out of John O’Connell High School for arresting an alleged gang member in connection with a double homicide without first consulting the principal.

Officer Joel Babbs, who is assigned to the department’s schools detail, thought he was doing his job Dec. 15, getting a potentially dangerous suspect out of the Mission District School as fast as possible and without incident.

Funny, last I remember the law is still in effect on school campuses. Also, I don’t ever remember seeing “Principal” as one of the command positions in the police department either. This douche bag principal was more worried that his little fiefdom was invaded by ‘The Man’ than he was about having a suspect in a double homicide on campus? WTF???? And why did the head dumbshit have his wee-wee on?

However, O’Connell principal Rick Duber – who told us he believes in “intervention over suspension” – said he was upset that Babbs had not informed him of the planned arrest and had handcuffed the student in public.

” I am very concerned about (Babbs’) actions,” Duber wrote in a memo to his school district superior the day of the arrest, adding that “his action today precludes any possibility of him ever returning to our campus.”

Upset that the little criminal, sorry ALLEGED criminal, was handcuffed in public… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING? Ten to one says the little bastard has a rap sheet as long as my arm. I feel pretty safe in saying this because generally kids don’t just wake up one day and say “Gee, think I’ll help hold some people down while my friend puts a bullet in them.” I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

But OH. MY. GOD. The little punk might have been embarrassed in front of his friends. The principal wasn’t able to give him hugs and words of encouragement. What will he do? How will he survive?? Oh, the HORROR!!! Oh, and I can see that the “intervention over suspension” really worked with this kid. He was originally not in school the day before because he showed up drunk and was sent home. Course the fact that the kid was 15 and drunk didn’t make anyone call the authorities, nope. Just because the legal drinking age is 21. Nope, no reason at all.

Just one more reason that when we have kids we will home school them, and another reason to get the hell out of this mad house.

After School Special

January 8th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Animation Stuff

With school being out and me needing to get my reel up to speed so that I can acquire gainful employment upon release from this institution of higher learning, I have been spending my time tweaking an old model from a few semesters ago so that it will be the quality I require.

I pulled out the old Camaro, and while there wasn’t really all that much wrong with it I knew that I could improve it with some tweaks here and there and also by approaching the paint job in a different way.  So, here’s how it stands so far without anything but the basic Lambert shader assigned to it.

Made some of the metal creases a bit sharper and more defined, changed the bucket seats out for ones I thought looked better, and generally just tucked things up a bit.

Here’s the wire framing on it

Personally, I’m still surprised that it came in at around 172,000 polygons with all the detail that had to go into building the tires out.

And finally, the very, VERY basic beginings of a texture job.

I’m hoping it will all be done by around Sunday.  I still have a steam locomotive to finish before school starts up again, and there’s also a train station that needs a lot of work too.

Something most of us already knew

January 3rd, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in ramblings

Children who are smacked by parents often turn out more successful than those who have not, research has found.

The study concluded that children who had been physically disciplined when they were young, between the ages of 2 and 6, were performing better as teenagers on almost every measure that was taken into consideration than those who had never been smacked.

It was only in cases where it continued beyond the age of 12 that the children were found to be affected negatively, resulting in a dip on performance indicators.

Hmmm.. How interesting.  When a child is very young it turns out that maybe you shouldn’t negotiate with them and instead enforce your will upon them so they learn the rules and know that breaking them has consequences.  Children are little animals that our job is to civilize over the course of 18 years so that they can then function in society by themselves, that is the absolute truth.  Some civilize easier than others, but all of them start off the same – me, me ME!

When I was a kid we would get spanked if we did something wrong, and we knew this.  Mom would give us the warning of “Knock it off or else” and we knew what the ‘or else’ was, a burning backside and grounded.  Those actions at a young age stayed with all of us as we got older so that even in the teenage years if mom said “Knock it off, or else” we really didn’t WANT to know what the ‘ore else’ was going to be because we knew it wouldn’t be good.

The only thing worse than that was when she would say “Fine.  I’ll let your father deal with you when he gets home.”  Which was essentially code for “Go outside and dig your own grave so your father can kill you immediately”.  Really, this is what kids need.  Limits set, rules enforced and discipline from their parents so that they know they aren’t the center of the universe and that they must conform to societies expectations, not the other way around.

I had a customer at the store one time with three boys and they were raising all kinds of hell and she kept asking them “please stop.  Please put that back.  Please don’t do that”.  Everything was “Please”.  These were boys from 6-8 years old and she couldn’t get them to do anything.  Finally she looks at me and says “Boys.  What can ya’ do, they never listen.”

“Would you like me to help you make them listen?”  I said.  I felt for her, she didn’t know how to handle them and I couldn’t stand there while three boys not only messed up my store, but also didn’t act the way young men should act.

“If you think you can.”  She actually laughed at me thinking that I would have as much luck as she did.

I snapped my fingers very loudly at them and said in my DI voice “GET OVER HERE, NOW!”

They froze in place and stared at me “What are you waiting for?!  Get over here, get in a line and I mean NOW!”

Boom, just like that they were lined up and quiet.  I explained to them that I would not tolerate them acting like hooligans in my store and that from now on I expected them to do exactly what their mom said, when she said it and with a response of “Yes, mom.”

It worked too, not because I was mean, I wasn’t.  I was firm and I meant everything I said and they knew it.  They didn’t know what the punishment would be for disobeying, but they knew there would be one and that was enough.  For the rest of the visit they were perfect gentlemen.   See, spanking is punishment and no kid likes punishment if it is REAL punishment.  You go with that half-ass ‘lets talk it out’ crap and they will walk all over you because they know you don’t mean it and so it doesn’t matter.

Once I have total control

January 2nd, 2010 | 6 Comments | Posted in America the beautiful, ramblings

I have a number of ideas for saving the government money when I become POTUS/ Absolute Ruler of the Free World and I’ve decided to lay them out here for you, my loyal supporters, to see. The battle cry of my campaign is K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid.

I’m not an economics major, nor an analyst of any kind; I’m also not a business owner, politician or any other kind of high level thinker type. I’m an average guy with an average brain so I figure if I keep it simple enough that even I can understand it then so can the average American who has to live under them. So, under the KISS principle there are no loopholes, no exemptions (except for food) and no sub clauses to my ideas that exempt one thing and include another. This is what we call “Equality under the law” since with my plan everyone IS REALLY EQUAL!

1 – National Sales Tax – This will replace all other forms of taxes. The National Sales Tax will only tax items at the final point of sale which will help reduce the cost of American made items, free up capital for companies to hire employees, purchase equipment and, most importantly, will put the taxpayer in charge of how much money he is giving to the federal government. You buy a Hyundai Accent, you’ll pay less in taxes than if you get a Lamborghini Diablo.

Food (as I said above) will be exempt under this so you can go to the grocery store and actually buy good food. This means all food – if you can consume it, it’s food. Not doing that stupid ‘soda tax’ or ‘cookie tax’ – it’s not the government’s business to control what you eat.

This will also allow me to reduce the size of the IRS and bring it down to a reasonable level. They can then focus on making sure that the sales taxes from businesses are correct rather than chasing after small-time taxpayers while some businesses get away with murder in the accounting department.

2 – Eliminate the Department of Education and the Department of Energy – Both of these are a complete and total embarrassment to America. The Department of Education was formed to our schools turn out smarter students and better schools, while the Department of Energy was created to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil – we can see that they have both failed miserably at both jobs so I see no reason to keep them around.

I’m sure that I will find many more departments in the government to close, such as the Agricultural Marketing Service whose job is described this way:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service administers programs that facilitate the efficient, fair marketing of U.S. agricultural products, including food, fiber, and specialty crops. AMS has about 5,500 employees who are located throughout the United States.

Ummm… can’t the farmers handle this themselves?? I’m sure that they are doing the best job they can, but I would have to pose the question of “Should the government really be involved in this or not?”

3 – Divest the government of all private holdings – Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Amtrak, The Federal Reserve, AIG,and GM. All of these are excesses of government control and as we can see with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they are a losing proposition. $400 Billion may be chump change to the Government, but this is people money that they are fooling around with, not just magic monopoly money. There is no Constitutional authority or reason for any of this to exist anyway. It’s not the government’s job to give us houses, cars, health care, or trains. It says “The pursuit of happiness” not “Giving you happiness on a silver platter with garnish”.

The government’s job is to provide a standing military to protect us, to negotiate with foreign powers, to print currency, and to help settle disputes between the states. Nothing more, nothing less. These organizations are simply a money pit for the government and a way for corruption to run rampant. Better to sell them off to a private owner and have nothing to do with them at all. As for the Federal Reserve, why are we paying a company to print our own money?

4 – Single Item Budget Bills – I would push for Congress to adopt a “Single Item Bill” concept. All bills must cover only one topic, any amendments to the bill MUST ACTUALLY AMEND THE BILL. That is, if you have a Budget bill that deals with the military’s budget, then that’s all that can be in the bill. No amendments that award $24 million to some state to expand worm farming. It must deal directly with items in the bill that relate directly to the military. Each department of government would have to have this kind of bill. No massive budget bill with tons of crap thrown into the mess. Each department would have to stand up and be voted on to make sure that it is something that is really wanted by the people.

Essentially, there would be no hiding from your vote. No deal making and payoffs with this kind of deal – well, there probably still would be, but I bet it would be less.

5 – Close the Department of Indian Affairs – No one can honestly argue that they, or the federal government, have done the best they can for the Native Americans so let’s close it and turn it all over – money, land and equipment – to the tribes and let them start taking care of themselves. I’m sure they will do a hell of a lot better than what our government has done for them.

6 – Kill all Grants – Grants are the worst use of government money I can think of. Sure, a lot of good has come from them, but I am willing to bet that a lot more good could have come from letting the private sector handle this stuff instead. Why is the government handing out money to study the mating habits of the fruit fly? I bet there are private companies out there who would be glad to support that research because it has something to do with what they do for work. So let them handle it. Also, a good chunk of grand money has gone to groups like ACORN and Planned Parenthood, both of which have shown partisan political stances, have broken the laws on numerous occasions, and to which half the nation is opposed to politically.

To my view, it’s best to just to shut it all down and let people give their money directly to things they wish to support. We don’t need the government’s help in giving our cash away – if anything we need protection from it!


Oh, and finally:

7 – War – War with our enemies will be just that, War.  Our military will be given the freedom it needs to take the war to the enemy and destroy them.  Not arrest, not contain, but totally destroy, demoralize and decimate.  Our enemies want us dead and we should have the same stance towards them.  We should take the fight to them so hard and unrelenting that they have nightmares about our forces and plead for us to accept their surrender.

As far as the Geneva Conventions go, our enemy has already broken them over and over again (not that they ever signed on to them in the first place) so they have no right to it’s protection.  BUT, even considering this, they would not have any protection under it since they do not fight in uniform our wear rank insignias and fight for a country so they would instead fall under the military law of the United States which would classify them as spies and saboteurs.  That established I would give them a fair trial and a public execution.

For those who would say that this is too extreme of a stance let me remind you that our enemy has beheaded journalists, civilians, and military personnel.  They have dragged our dead servicemen through the streets and cheered about this.  They will give no quarter in this fight because they think they are fighting for god so we should give no quarter in return because we are fighting for our lives, our freedom and our families.