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Despicable YES!

July 12th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Movies

I’m not one to call a movie ‘perfect’ or ‘brilliant’. I am much, much to cynical for something like that, but in the case of “Despicable Me” I will make an exception.

In the first ten minutes of the movie I had already decided it deserved a spot on the DVD shelf and it just got better from there. The main character is Gru, voiced by Steve Carrell. Gru is like a grown up version of Dexter from “Dexter’s Lab”. He’s kind of geeky, socially inept, and really just wants to be cool. Thankfully he has his yellow minions to cheer him on and treat him like the rock star he wants to be.

Gru’s nemesis is a new villain on the block by the name of Vector who reminds me of Dexter’s enemy Mandark. Anything Gru can do, Vector does better and it soon becomes a battle between the two to see who is the best villain and both of them deciding to steal the moon as the ultimate heist of the century.

In case this isn’t enough there are also the characters of Margo Edith, and Agnes. Three orphan girls who want nothing more than a home and, in the case of Agnes, a fluffy unicorn.

I won’t say much more about this except to say that this movie is perfect for boys, girls, kids and adults. The boys will love the minions, the girls will love the orphans, and everyone will enjoy the story and the loony toons style of comedy that is placed throughout the picture.

Seriously, just go see it.