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Random bookstore stuff

July 18th, 2010 Posted in People are Stupid, work is good

Had a guy come in and grab about 25 books from our business and marketing section.  He then carries this load over to the cafe, plops down in a chair and proceeds to stack them around him in a semi circle like he’s making a little fortress of solitude.

Finally our GM goes over and asks him if he is planning on purchasing any of them.

“No, I’m just doing some research for a paper I have in my marketing class.”

“Well” says my GM, “We are actually trying to sell these books and that’s pretty hard to do when you have taken them all.  I’d appreciate it if you would put them back if you aren’t going to buy them.”

And what does douche-bag marketing student say?

“That’s not very good customer service, man.  I may not shop here again.”

You ain’t shopping here NOW, jackass.


Overheard a customer trying to remember a book title with his girlfriend so I stepped in.

“Are you thinking of ‘Germs, Guns and Steel?”

“Yeah, that’s the title.”

“It’s upstairs in the Biology section.” I point out where it is since I am at the register and can’t take them up there myself.

Five minutes later he’s back with his book and a smart ass look on his face. “It wasn’t in Biology.  It was in the SCIENCE section.”

I gave him a flat look. “Right.  BIOLOGY is a SCIENCE.”

I think I confused him.


To all you wanna be interior decorators, wedding planners, personal trainers, chefs, fashion designers, web designer, MCST’s, and prospective grad students.  BUY THE DAMN BOOK OR PUT IT BACK!


I have not, nor will I, read the Twilight ‘Saga’, The Sookie Stackhouse books, anything by Nora Roberts, or the Vampire Diaries.  I have entirely the wrong set of chromosomes for that.


“There’s a book you guys had here last week and I can’t find it now.”

Now the sad part here is I saw this guy last week with the book he is wanting.  He had a cup of coffee too.  Just a few minutes after he left the store I found the same book in the corner with coffee spilled all over it.

“Yes sir, we did but someone spilled coffee on it so we had to throw it away.”

“Well when will you get a new one?”  Not even an ‘oh, really’.  I knew he did it and he knew I knew.

“We probably wont for a while. I could order it for you.”

“Dang.  I really wanted to read it.”

“Well, sir” I said, “I could special order it and we would have it here in a few days.”

“I don’t want to buy it, I just want to read it.”

And people wonder why I hate our customers sometimes.

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