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And the wife….

August 1st, 2010 Posted in Pass the ammo, The wife and I, webstuff

You are 22% hippie.

You’re not in the lowest bracket of non-hippie-hood, but you’re close. I advise a field trip to a food co-op or a farmer’s market. Do a few interviews and take notes, because there will be a quiz next week to see if you’ve learned anything.

Are you a hippie?
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The only reason I haven’t gone on a hippie bashing spree. She’s mellowed me or something.

Of course, there were no questions about what your favorite firearm is and I think the results would have been skewed lower if there was since this is what she wants.

3 Responses to “And the wife….”

  1. ailuromaniac Says:

    OK. Just FYI, I have always said “I am a flower child gone to seed”. Well not always just since I became untrustworthy (30 yrs of breathing).

    Your funky little tests says I am 60% hippie. Obviously, it does not consider my hip measurement.

    Just because:

    I know and approve of Freecycle,
    I recycle more since the curbside bins make it less onerous,
    I eat little meat (lost my taste for raw cow when the PA set in. Red meat only provides Iron and B12 not readily available elsewhere. I think this is kind of a reverse pregnancy craving thing. I can’t absorb what I need so I lost my taste for it).
    I am past the reproduction stage…let the Grand kids handle it from now on
    I don’t want to fight every war just to shoot things

    Does not mean I don’t love you and we can’t get along.

    But I will be very annoyed if you post those photoshopped pictures of me drinking Pepsi Max wearing my Coke t-shirt.

  2. Instinct Says:

    LOL 😀

    I never want to fight any war just to shoot things, that’s what a shooting range is for. I will fight any war though to protect my friends and family.

    It’s just out here if you are on the conservative side there are those in tie dye that think it is acceptable to scream, spit and generally make asses out of themselves. Those are the ones who need thumping.

  3. ailuromaniac Says:

    My Grandma always said “there’s good and bad in all nations and denominations.”

    I have expanded on that to a philosophy I call equal opportunity bigotry. Anyone who fulfills a negative stereotype of their group (racial, ethnic, religious, political….what ever) should be (fill in the punishment you find most appropriate) by the decent upright members of that group.

    Unfortunately, it appears that most people are only interested in cleaning out the other guy’s house while letting the stink be swept under the rug in their own.

    CA is not alone in “showing the moon”.

    Besides, I recall you seem to be able to shut them up effectively.

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